Rebirth of Innocence


By Erwin L. Rimban

Word Count: 218

Rating: G (suitable for all audiences)

Summary: A poem about hope in darkness and the return of innocence.

Image Credit: SkyEffect on DeviantArt


One toils

Under the shadow of death

The hours painfully fulfilling

Their preordained orbits under the claws

Of a rapacious predator called Fate.

Poise is lost, equipoise is gone.

A silence of the first third begins.

Then, the Seeker enters the labyrinth

Of war, of toil, of slavery

Lives are lost in the struggle

Of a billion souls

Whose memories are etched only

In the tears that flow

From the dirge of a billion widows.

And mortal strength is sorely tested

In the Parting of the Ways,

A memorial of failure where warriors

Are sacrificed in the dying ground of illusion.

Equilibrium destroyed, beauty flees

And the hours turn into centuries and millennia.

A silence of the second third ensues.

Hope fades

In the interregnum of Twilight.


Something is born

As midnight crawls into the first embers

Of sweet dawn.

What manner of creature

May stoke the embers of dying life?

Dare we hope against the norm?


That stretches into Infinity.

And into this silence of the last third

The drums of Men beat again

The hearths of Women are alive again

The songs of children may give

A semblance of Spring.

Hope is born anew




But, a mind should ask:

What, what manner of creature

Gives us

The rebirth of Innocence?

Sensei Erwin Rimban has been a spiritual, metaphysics and meditation teacher for over a decade. His works are featured in the Journal of Metaphysics and Connected Consciousness, the Mindful Word, Panegyria Journal, The Minds Journal, and others. (You may correspond with him at


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