The Rising of the Moon Maiden


By Robin Fennelly, April 10, 2016

Word Count: 263

Rating: G (suitable for all audiences)

Summary: A poem about the relationship between the ocean and the moon

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Moon Maiden coyly veils

Her face in the dark

Mask of a star filled night.

I push my toes deeper into

Star lit beach and look

Out at the vastness of

Ocean’s rising waters.

I push myself deeper into

Star-filled body of mine

Looking out at the vastness

Of emotions that seek me out.

I stand within the space of

Eternity and the promise of

Moon Maiden’s quickening kiss.

She reaches out with delicate finger

Of moonbeam filling me with

Starlight and the exuberance of life.

The waters of healing surround

Lifting me gently from my

Place of digging deeply into

The changing sands of time.

Maiden Moon lifts her veil

Of darkness and fills me with the

Waxing tides of healing Light.

Her eye is bright

As her body undulates

In a sea of starry expanse.

She rises high overhead and

Light from her hand spills

Down like droplets of soft rain.

Stars sparkle in the velvet of her

Night cloak and darkness beckons

To be held in her embrace.

All of earth moves in resonance with

The rise and fall of her breath and

The great waters are quickened in

Her womb of fullness.

I sit in the silence of moonlit night

And I weep at the profound beauty

Of Luna’s nightly rising.

Salty water flows gently

Over glistening white sand.

In this moment of moonlight’s grace,

She and I are as one


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