Tree Spirit


By Rachel Schmidt (alias Brenna Adaira,)  March 6, 2016

Word Count: 99

Rating: G

Summary: A poem about tree spirit.

image1 (6)
Image Credit: Ganjamira on Deviantart

Little figure in the bark

Whisper to me

Like the rustle

Of leaves in the wind…

Eyes of the tree

Speak unto me

Of all the many

Lifetimes you’ve lived…

Your deep,

Secret wisdom

Can only be heard

By those willing to hear.

Your appearance intrigued,

Shocked and amazed me

One breezy

Afternoon clear…

So, dear little friend,

Hidden face in the leaves

Tell me each story

You have to tell.

For I’ve only this day

Left in this sacred space

Til I’m hoping the future

Will find you well…


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