The Elf and the Orc: Table of Contents


Word Count: 25,304 (total)

Rating: PG for mild violence and language

Summary: While escaping Orc Hunters, Morfang son of Gorbag finds himself in Mirkwood forest and meets the sister of Legolas Thranduilion, Lindariel. Will Lindariel’s compassion reach Morfang, or will Morfang abuse Lindariel’s kindness to avenge his fallen comrades?

Image credit: New Line Cinema, Warner Brothers

Chapter 1

““Don’t be so old,” Lindariel teased, poking his ribs. Legolas gave her a brotherly push, but it brought a smile to her face as she said, “I want to know everything that happened while you were away.”

“Everything? It is not for a lady’s ears.”

Lindariel punched his arm in protest. “I’m not so womanish that I’d faint at hearing the details of a battle! I’ve a stronger stomach than that.””

Chapter 2

“”Where am I?”

“Mirkwood Forest,” she answered stably. The girl’s voice was calm but she stank of fear. For a woman, she was gutsy. “Just a small way from the house of my father, Thranduil, the king of these parts,” she concluded.


“Yes, Thranduil is my father.”

“Then Legolas Thranduilion is your brother.”

“Yes,” the girl said, “I am—”

“I did not ask for your name.””

Chapter 3

““Go home,” he snarled. He turned on his heel and stormed away. He knew she followed and picked up his pace, but she managed to keep in step. He tried to change directions but she caught up to him in no time. After another hour of this, he stopped and she bumped into him.

“Why aren’t you going home?!”

“And risk never getting a chance like this again? I think not.”

“Is this a game to you, Brat?””

Chapter 4

“Over the last two weeks, he had given much thought to the pretty Elf Princess following him around. Annoying as she was, she was insightful and eager to learn—eager to break away from her people’s prejudices. But Orcs are not Elves, he kept reminding himself. They do not belong together.”

Chapter 5

““No. I know of your brother,” he said taking a seat across from her. “Legolas sent a messenger to us, saying that you were kidnapped by an Orc.”

“That’s—” Lindariel stopped herself from shouting and looked around. “That’s not entirely untrue,” she admitted, “but he released me. I chose to go with him. Please, tell my brother not to worry.””

Chapter 6

““Get on!” she shouted. Morfang took her hand she helped him up. They galloped out of the town, guards chasing after them.

“You do realize,” Morfang shouted, “that you’re headed straight for the Withered Heaths, right?”

“Dragon territory? Well, would the Orc Hunters dare go in there?” Lindariel shouted back.”

Chapter 7

““It can’t help it!” Lindariel shouted back. “It’s its nature!”

“Exactly! It will kill anyway because it’s its nature!”

“Just like it’s an Orc’s nature to kill?” Lindariel retorted, coming to her feet. Morfang blinked. “How is it different?””

Chapter 8

““It’s forbidden,” Lindariel whispered. “I know it’s forbidden and yet…yet I didn’t think it’d happen, at first; I thought I’d be able to patch the relationship with the Orcs and Elves if I befriended one of them. But that isn’t what’s happening,” Lindariel’s eyes stung with tears and her vision blurred. “I love him…. “”

Chapter 9

““‘When the Accursed were among the Blessed, there was peace. But then some of the Blessed were taken and became the Accursed. The Accursed and the Blessed would battle each other, brother hating brother. But when the Dark Lord falls twice, an Accursed and a Blessed would meet and Eru smile on them.  When a vow of eternal love is exchanged between them, the Accursed will once again become the Blessed and peace will once again reign in Middle Earth.’””

Chapter 10

““You know?” he asked.

“How you feel about her? I’m your sister. It’s in the job description, Morfang. And anyone can tell you that she felt something for you.”

“Women! You’re always looking for something to meddle in!””

Chapter 11

““What is there that you would want to see? Unruliness? Murder? Death? The outside world is not safe.”

“That’s what makes it so magical,” Lindariel said, sitting beside him. “Legolas, we escaped Orc Hunters; my feet were injured from walking so long without shoes, but he bound them for me and risked his life to find me shoes and fresh clothes to wear. And we went inside the Heaths…” Legolas could not mask his horror. Lindariel didn’t notice it. Her eyes grew distant and she added, “Morfang fought a dragon.””

Chapter 12

““I wanted to see you, too.” Morfang interrupted. Lindariel blinked. “Especially since it looks like my days are numbered. I at least wanted to tell you that I love you, just once.” He removed his hot forehead from Lindariel’s.

“I don’t want you to die,” she whispered. “It’s not fair. It’s not fair that I should live and you should die when I love you so much. I’d rather die with you.””

Chapter 13

“Galadriel nodded. “But not all will see it as so. If the prophecy is known, they will follow your example and learn to forgive the Accursed for the deeds long forgotten and the deeds that will never be forgotten. Brother will learn to love his brother again and our people will once again be whole.”

“Yes, hope remains,” agreed the Orc. “If the Council is willing to accept what shall come. A duel will decide the fate of our people.””

Chapter 14

“Lindariel climbed down and took a big breath, gathering all the courage she could for what she was about to say. “Enough of this childish banter, you lowlife maggots!” she shouted. Legolas and the council stared in silence, mouths agape. “If you’ve energy enough to talk, you can walk yourselves to the Healers! I’ve had my fair share of idiocy for one lifetime and I’ll be damned if I take any more!””


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