Chariots of the Druid Knights

By Sensei Erwin L. Rimban

Word Count: 300

Rating: PG

Summary: A poem of mythic war.

Image Credit: Jason MacKay

We dreamed the ten thousand chariots

In the cold embrace of winter dreams

And readied stone and metal, wood and mortar

To the silent expectation of our women’s creams.

We built the ten thousand chariots

With hammer and anvil, stone and fire

And the ten thousand drums of song and dance

Of our women regaled us as the decades passed by.

We rode the ten thousand chariots

Into the maws of the Gates of Fire

And did battle with a hundred monsters unimaginable

The terrible siren of battle suffused the sky!

We flew the ten thousand chariots

Passing the spires of the highest mountain peaks

And were received by the drums of the Valkyries

As honored warriors and conquerors of the bleaks!

With medals of honor and meads of wine.

The castles of heaven regaled us in its time

And the smiles of nymphs caressed our hearts

Weary of battle, tired of the storm gods.

We brought the ten thousand chariots

Into the vaults of the Celestial realms

And were enchanted no end by lovely goddesses

Born of the Music of the Spheres.

In retrospect, the chariots did us well

And made us miss the songs of ancient past

When the hours were of battle and the earth was heat

That plunged us into a serene sleep.

We shall save the ten thousand chariots

When Humanity heeds the eternal call

And venture into sacred divine realms of yore

Escaping the maw of the devil’s thrall!

Sensei Erwin Rimban has been a spiritual, metaphysics and meditation teacher for over a decade. His works are featured in the Journal of Metaphysics and Connected Consciousness, the Mindful Word, Panegyria Journal, The Minds Journal, and others. (You may correspond with him


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