The Lies We Tell-Table of Contents


By Jessica Beaubien (alias Niaf)

Word Count: 27542

Rating: PG

Summary: The alternate account of the Chamber of Secrets seen through Snape’s eyes.


Chapter 1

 ““H-he was here. It was him. He was controlling Ginny. He used this. He let the snake out. The basilisk. It bit me. I thought I would die. I don’t want to die. I used to think I did. But I really don’t want to die,” Harry babbled. Tears rolling down his face. He fell forward against Severus, clinging to him and weeping openly now. Fear and the aftermath of the encounter had made the boy emotional.

Severus stiffened at the sudden contact. He didn’t know how to respond.”

Chapter 2

““Potter, if I promise not to leave, and I transfigure that pillow into a stuffed animal of your choice, will you release my arm?” Severus asked the boy, hoping that with both those things he could finally be free of the clinging child.


Potter appeared to consider this with wide eyes. “A snake?” He asked very softly, as if terrified Severus would deny him that.”

Chapter 3

““You. Dare. To use her against me. To tell me that I must do this. After everything I have already done. That you would demand this without giving me a choice. Do you even care? Of course not. Of course you don’t care what I want. You never have. Why should you start now? Fine. You want me to take your precious golden boy with me this summer, and I will. But do not make the mistake to assume I will so easily be manipulated in the future, Albus.” Severus growled, rising to his feet, leaning heavily against the desk, his features twisted with rage.”

Chapter 4

““I don’t want an apology. I want you to speak clearly and at a level that is audible. Now repeat yourself,” Severus demanded, his tone stern and without room for arguments.

“I’m not allowed to send letters in summer,” Harry said again, resigned, looking down at his hands.

“That’s absurd. Of course you’re allowed to write letters in the summer. Whoever said that is an idiot. Now any other problems I need to be aware of?” Severus demanded.”

Chapter 5

“Severus stared at the boy as if seeing him for the first time. That was yet another odd statement   coming from the child’s mouth; it left Severus wondering just what had really gone on in that house. “Were you often in trouble with your uncle?” he inquired, partly curious, partly annoyed.
“Yes sir,” Harry responded, nodding, still looking far too uncomfortable for such a simple conversation.”

Chapter 6

““Really? I get to choose our destination?” Harry asked with awe in his eyes.
“I do believe that is what I said, is it not, Potter?” Severus sighed, his words taking on an edge of irritation.
“Yes sir,” Harry replied, quickly looking down again, nervously moving his foot around as if uncertain about what he should do.
“Then pray tell, why can you not choose, then?” Severus demanded coldly.
“I’m not supposed to ask for things,” Harry whispered out.
“Is that what your Uncle and Aunt taught you?” Severus asked, at a loss for what to make of this.”

Chapter 7

““No,” Severus stated coldly, “you insisted I take him. You insisted something wasn’t right; well, it’s not. There is clear evidence that the boy is neglected and I suspect abused there. I am not allowing you to return him. He’s only just begun to recover. There is no way you can do this!””


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