River Dancer


By linda m. crate

Word count: 134

Rating: G

Summary: The poet experiences light-heartedness on to a riverbank.

Image credit: https://jodythomae.files.wordpress.com/2014/02/jody-dance5.jpg

when i lay upon river stones

using rocks as a pillow

the river sang to

me a song,

and i rested, comforted by the music

of the wild

as crows danced and sang around me

little chipmunks and squirrels

running across logs

catching a quick drink of water before

disappearing from my view

into the forest;

and all was well without the hand of man


i felt dreams take wing

when i watched

the ebb and flow of the water as it danced,

and the sun danced too,

so i was moved

to dance and sing as the water and the crows

and animals watched me—

i ran away from humanity to be embraced

by the coldness of water that danced

such warmth into my soul

that no one but nature could echo.


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