Celtic Advent

By Timothy Mather, December 20, 2015

Word Count: 276

Rating: G

Summary: A poem of Christ celebrated in the Celtic tradition

Image Credit: Parker Fitzgerald

As the Holly King gives way to Oak King

As winter gives way to the Hope of Spring

Sister moon gives way to Brother Sun

Inner reflection gives way to outward manifestations

Come welcome the Child of Joy, bask in His Light

When the cauldron of inspiration burns bright with imagination,

It is a light for all those trapped in darkness, a fire to warm one’s soul.

As the world awakens out of the deep slumber of winter’s death to the new birth of spring ,

Come welcome the Child of Joy, bask in His Light

As this festive season brings wonder, awe, joy, and amazement

May we remember to see the world through eyes that reflect the qualities of hope and joy

Come welcome the Child of Joy, bask in His Light

Let this be the Advent of our rebirth

The Light is coming and all of creation awaits its rebirth

May each of us turn to, and answer, the promises of the Child of Light

As we light the candle of hospitality in our windows, may we welcome the child of rebirth into our lives

Like the heat of the Yule log, may the love of the Child of joy burn in our hearts.

As the Yule log burns may we remember when the storms of life make us feel that the night is longest

We can have hope that the dawn is coming and all earthly things are temporary

As we welcome the Child of Joy, may we recognize the deep longing within our hearts for the divine presence within our lives


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