Circle of Life


By linda m. crate

Word count: 120

Rating: PG

Summary: The poet resents the cruel circle of life.

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the hawks

circled close

as a congregation praying

for a child,

wings so close it looked

as if they may have

been issuing a silent plea with

fingers tightly knit,

and my eyes watched as they circled

closer and closer

to whatever animal was wounded in the


to whomever would become their prey—

perhaps it was wrong of me,

but i hoped it would get away for i have

never liked how cruel the circle

of life can be,

and i never forgave the wild

for the two cats it took from me

both at the hands of ravenous coyotes

dad missed with his shotgun—

i wanted to be artemis

and rip them apart with the claws

of bears.


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