Cap O’ Rushes: Part 1

By Phoenix, April 30, 2015

Word Count: 1031

Rating: G

Summary: A classic tale in verse

Image Credit: John D. Batten

Part 1: Once Upon a Time

Once there lived a very rich man

Who three daughters did have

He thought to ask them one fine day

How each did love him so

To see how fond each daughter was

He questioned them thorough

“How much do you love me?

Daughter, dear, how much?”

The first replied, “Why,” says she

“I love thee as I love my life.”

And her father was well content.

The second also did reply

“I love thee, father, better than

All the world combined.”

And with her also he was pleased.

But the third daughter when asked

Answered, “Father, as fresh meat

Loves salt do I love thee.”

And at these words her father was

Angered to such a degree

He sent her from the house and said

“Never again let me

Your face to see!”

The door was shut behind her

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