Cap O’ Rushes-Part 2

By Phoenix, April 30, 2015

Word Count: 1031

Rating: G

Summary: A classic tale in verse

Image Credit: John D. Batten

Part 2: Wandering
Long she wandered through the land

Til coming to a fen she wove

A cape and hood of rushes

And donning them she covered

Her rich and costly clothes

And coming to a great house

She knocked and asked them there

“A maid need you?

Or someone to

Do lowly work ’round here?

I ask no wage

And work will do

Of any type seems fit to you.”

And the servants there

They let her stay

To wash the pots and scrape saucepans.

So she did the dirty work

That no one else wanted to do

And since she gave no name at all

Her they all agreed to call

Cap o’ Rushes

For the cape she always wore.

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