Sanctuary-Table of Contents

By Sheankleor

Word Count: 29889

Rating: PG-13 (Realistic depictions and discussions of The Troubles)

Summary: Snape escapes Voldemort’s wrath, but fears he will die anyway, so he flees to a place of safety…

Image Credit: Castlebar Parish

Chapter 1

His vision began to fade as the boy fled the shack, and his hand sought a button, the one closest to his wand. Every article of clothing he owned had one button made into an emergency portkey, all of the taking him to the same place. Brushing it, he breathed out one word, “Sanctuary.”

Chapter 2

“They’ve heard the rumors that he was actually a spy…working for the good side. And it helps that all year he’s been asking for prayers for the children and professors, and that he lights three candles before Mass at the foot of Mary’s statue.”

Chapter 3

““I ask for Sanctuary, Abbot. Please, grant me the protection of the house of my Lord and Father.” Snape’s voice was soft, but his words were perfectly understandable.”

Chapter 4

““It basically says what you’ve been telling me.” Severus handed it to Minerva. “He just included some reasons that I should be okay with coming back to Britain to stand trial.””

Chapter 5

““Members of the Order of the Phoenix shall only be revealed upon their death or trial for deeds committed to uphold the mandates of the Order. If the member is revealed through trial, the deeds of which they are accused of that were committed to uphold the mandates will be listed under their name.””


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