Snow on the Winter Solstice


By Anonymous

Word count: 144

Rating: G

Summary: A poem reveling in the joy of winter

snow #1 copy
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Your footsteps crunch on the newly fallen snow. A wet branch hits you in the face, and you giggle. Snow covers your hair and shoulders. Evergreen trees contrast sharply with the white, but everywhere else is black and brown.

Where are you going, little one? Don’t you know what day it is? It is the first day of winter, the shortest day of the year. Are you afraid that the sun won’t come back after tonight?

Don’t be. The snow is a gift, and the darkness is a gift too. Sunshine will come in the morning, the snow will melt away, and there will be only a brown dullness.

But spring will come, bringing more fresh leaves to join the evergreens, and you will laugh again. You enjoy the snow, don’t you? Just don’t stay out too long, and don’t come in all wet.


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