Cap O’ Rushes: Part 3

By Phoenix, April 30, 2015

Word Count: 1031

Rating: G

Summary: A classic tale in verse.

Image Credit: John D. Batten

Part 3: The Dances

Now presently a dance was held

In a place not far away

And the servants were permitted

To go and to look on

At all the grand people who’d be there.

All the other maids went gladly

But Cap o’ Rushes said that she was tired

And stayed behind.

When the others had gone

The girl threw off her rushy cape

And clean and shining from head to toe

Wearing her fine silken clothes

She went in secret to the dance

And she was the fairest maid there.

The young son of her master

Just happened to be there

And when he looked upon her

He thought he’d never seen

A maid so lovely or so fair.

He fell in love directly

Though he did not know her name

And danced with her the whole night through.

But before the dancing ended

Cap o’ Rushes slipped away

And sped back to the grand house

To pretend she was asleep

Before the others should arrive.

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