By Timothy Mather

Word Count: 168

Rating: G

Summary: A poem of Gaelic myth

Image Credit:

Owl, owl of the night silent guardian in quiet flight

Cailleach, cailleach old woman, totem of the crone,

Creature of keen sight in darkness

What tidings do you bring?

Harbinger of dread or hidden wisdom

Your night time hootings invite me to work in kind

Are you a keeper of some hidden way?

What secrets do you hold?

Can you show the way to the otherworld or do you guard its gate?

Dweller between the worlds, messenger of the Divine, what message do you bring?

Do you speak with my ancestors and the book of magic?

Creature of the moon and dim illumination of dream time,

What do you invoke me to seek?

White feathered bird of purity and wide eyed sight

Are you guardian of soul and instinct?

Cailleach-oidhche, teach me how to gain prosperity from adversity.

May I speak with the Otherworld by walking in the Twilight.

May my owl spirit listen to the prophetic nature of your Soul.




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