Cap O Rushes: Part 5


By Phoenix, April 30, 2015

Word Count: 1031

Rating: G

Summary: A classic tale in verse

Image Credit: John D. Batten

Part 5: The Ring

Now the master’s son he tried

Every way he knew

To find the pretty maid

But nowhere could be found

The girl he’d spoken to.

He soon fell ill

And took to bed

Because of his love for her

And his despair now she was gone.

“Make some gruel for the young master,”

The others told the cook

“For he’s dying for love of the lady.”

The cook took out a pot

And began to make the gruel

But Cap o’ Rushes, seeing her

Asked if she instead could do the job

And the cook reluctantly agreed.

When the gruel was finished

Cap o’ Rushes plopped in the golden ring

Given her by the master’s son

And cook took it to him.

When the young man had drunk

All the thin gruel up

To his surprise he saw the ring

In the bottom of his bowl

And ordered he the one who’d made

The gruel to come to him.

Cap o’ Rushes came

And the young master said to her

“Did you make my gruel?”

To which she said, “I did.”

“Where did you get this ring?” He asked.

“From him that gave it me.”

And then she pulled from off her

The cape of rushes and

He saw she was the lady

From all three the dances.

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