Each submission is rated according to editorial discretion based on these general guidelines.

G/General Audience

  • No swearing
  • Little to no violence
  • No sexual references
  • Little to no disturbing imagery/images
  • No thematic material


PG/Parental Guidance Suggested

  • Mild swearing
  • Mild violence
  • Mild sexual references
  • Mild disturbing imagery/images
  • Mild thematic material


PG-13/Parental Guidance-13

  • More than mild swearing
  • More than mild violence
  • Some sexual references/conduct
  • Disturbing imagery/images
  • More than mild thematic material


R/Restricted (Note: We do not allow R rated content on our website)

  • Intense swearing
  • Unnecessary graphic violence
  • Explicit sexual content (in any form)
  • Overly disturbing or erotic imagery/images
  • Anything deemed to have a decidedly negative moral tone

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