“Welcome one and all to Fellowship and Fairydust magazine!!! I hope you enjoy your visit here as we take you from one realm to another! Are you looking for a visit with old literary friends? Then look no further as we have special guests coming in from several realms for brief visits, but don’t worry if you miss them, we have every story archived so you can come back and read it later. They are pretty busy people, visiting everyone, so we can’t exactly keep them for long. Or how about looking to make some new friends? Don’t worry; we have a few people sneaking in for some well-deserved attention. They might not get as many people interested as they’d like, but they now have a spot for good and can be visited at any time. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there, revisit those old friends, and meet some new ones! And don’t forget to tell your other friends so they can visit as well! The more the merrier, as is always said. Thanks for stopping by, take a look around, and enjoy!”
-Amanda Pizzolato, August 2017

“You guys have something amazing in your publications, and I look forward to reading more!”
-Nadia Aldernay, August 2017

“Fellowship and Fairydust has a truly admirable mission. We draw together people from absolutely anywhere, and encourage them to write; write the ideas they’ve always entertained, create the world they’ve really lived in, experience the thrill and wonder of being a wordcrafter! We have only one criterion: that all of our publications show, either explicitly or implicitly, the divine spark hidden in the human soul.”
-Christopher Woods, August 2017

“The artists and the geeks are a misunderstood bunch. We are often hurt in “friendly fire incidents” in the church and made fun of by society. Fellowship and Fairydust is a healing place, where the broken are made well and the outcasts are welcomed. When you come to F&F, you feel the love and care that radiates from the staff, and you feel you’ve found your tribe. Our favorite characters are the ones who hurt, for we want to make them well. We shower them with comfort if they die, we give them aid when they are injured, we teach them when they are confused, and we assure them that someone cares. What we do for the characters we love, we do for the real people we meet. The body of Christ needs medics, and Fellowship and Fairydust is a training hospital for some of the finest nurses and doctors.”
-T.K. Wilson, August 2017


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