The Jeweler’s Apprentice: Chapter 24

““I’ve seen too much nonsense over rank and lands to be taken in by a high-sounding title. Take yourself, for instance. You would have naught but family to a fault-finding matchmaker, but you’ve got everything any friend could wish for: sharp eyes and hands, a quick mind, a truthful heart, and the good sense enough to know that it’s what you make of each day life gives you that really matters. I wouldn’t trade having you in my house for the mightiest princess from some ivory tower.””

Burnt: A Harry Potter Serial- Chapter 35: The Impossible

““Harry, son, you have to fight,” Severus said firmly within his mind. “Fight for me and your granddad. Use that strength you had when you fought Dumbledore so many times. Fight because we love you. Fight because your home is with us now. Fight against him! Do it now, little snake!” “

Burnt: A Harry Potter Serial- Chapter 34: I Want to Try

““I don’t know, Singe. Perhaps you only want to hear me? Perhaps it’s a side effect of that spell that Dumbledore used? I don’t know. What I do think is that your ability to read lips–even before being adopted–is nigh impossible without the use of some other gift. Yes, I do mean gift. Most practitioners of legilimency have to study the art for years before developing any kind of proficiency at it. If this is what you’re doing, child, then it is most impressive.””

Burnt: A Harry Potter Serial: Chapter 33: Dumbledore’s Day in Court

““Harry Potter. Parents murdered in front of him when he was a just a babe. He was already set up to be a powerful wizard. Gellert and I theorized that a child with the correct background could be coaxed into being even more unbalanced with the use of subtle prompting.””

Burnt: A Harry Potter Serial- Chapter 32: Dumbledore’s Last Stand

“Puer ignis. Child of Fire. Fire was far more than just a state of burning. It was in and of itself a beginning and an end. Fire cleansed. Fire started and fire ended. He and Gellert had created the spell and then he had further modified its original design into something far more dangerous.”

An Interview with Eric Tamburino

By: Fellowship and Fairydust StaffWord Count: 1056Rating: GSummary: An interview with Eric Tamburino, author of “Where Man and Monster Meet: A New Collection of Fairytales.” Tell us a little about yourself? My name is Eric Tamburino and I am the author of Where Man and Monster Meet: A New Collection of Fairytales. I am a […]