The Princess and the Merchant’s Daughter

By Mary Chapel

Word Count: 1406

Rating: G

Summary: A princess and the daughter of a merchant discover the differences of their lifestyles.

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Dedicated to Princess Myriam, from merchant’s daughter Kat. Someday, I hope we’ll get along.


Once upon a time, in a small kingdom, now long lost in the mists of time and history, a merchant’s daughter was born, the first in a dying branch of minor nobility. Such an event was heralded with great joy and gladness by her family, but others cared not, nor did the family mind. What did it matter, in the long run? They had their daughter and they loved her very much.

A year slipped away in the streams of time and a princess was born to the royal house, the first in many years. Such an event was lauded throughout the land and many rejoiced, as they ought, and a great celebration was held for all. Read more about The Princess and the Merchant’s Daughter

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