Cutting the Cord: A Game of Thrones Serial – Chapter 24: Different Victories

By Avellina Balestri (alias Rosaria Marie)

Word Count: 4242

Rating: PG-13 for sensuality, violence, and language

Summary: In this serial, Sansa and Tyrion escape from Westeros at King’s Landing, heading for the unknown. What dangers will they face? Will love overcome the darkness around them?

A year had passed since the death of Sauriel. And while it seemed impossible at first, life had somehow managed to move on. No more evil had come to them, no further searches been made for the little family. Lord Thurandin grew older, with less strength of sight, less keenness of mind. Tyrion continued to pick up the slack, and was largely managing the castle affairs, the library, and the diplomacy with the villages on his own. Few could argue that he was good at what he did, and what small dreams he had of making the current generation of mountain children literate was coming to pass. Some now were old enough to go down into the valleys, to the ports, and try to forge a way for themselves with their new ability with letters and numbers.

One evening in mid-spring, Tyrion was working late in the library, organizing books high on a ladder, when he heard footsteps – manly footsteps – in the corridor. His jaw instantly tightened, and then the sound of metal being unsheathed make him whip his head around.

Upon seeing who it was, Tyrion’s mouth fell open. “The bastard…”

John Snow, adorned in traveler’s clothes, hovered the sword near his throat. “The half-man.”

Tyrion sighed. “Touché.” He started to climb down from the ladder.

“Stay where you are!” Snow bellowed.

“Although equal level eye contact may well be desirable, I don’t believe we can have this…reunion to the fullest if I’m hanging off the side of a ladder…” Read more about Cutting the Cord: A Game of Thrones Serial – Chapter 24: Different Victories

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Compared with today, the lack of action and special effects means that the acting has to truly pull the spirit of the book onto the screen. The BBC managed this feat by casting children who were capable of expressing the emotions of Jill and Eustace with aplomb. Their vocal and physical discipline is reminiscent of stage acting where the props, while important, cannot cover a lack of ability in the actors and actresses.

Cutting the Cord: A Game of Thrones Serial – Chapter 23: Picking Up the Pieces

Sauriel was gone. And somehow, the whole world seemed unprotected now. Tyrion and Sansa were not truly and utterly alone. They seemed unable to come together in the same place, and proved woefully inadequate to comforting their traumatized children.

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“When I went to the library one day and stumbled across Tales of Rowan Hood in the Young Adult Fiction section, my interest was piqued. The author, Nancy Springer, had evidently written about a certain daughter of the famous outlaw, with some of fantasy elements woven throughout.”

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 “I could never forget it. But I could choose. I could choose to end my part in the game. I could decide that I had had enough, while there was still enough of me left to lead another kind of life. I could choose not to become like you, Baelish.”