An Introduction:A Pride and Prejudice Fan-Fiction Story

By: Nadia C. Shoshana Word Count:  5068 Rating: G Summary: A mass Jane Austen crossover story. Ballrooms are known to bring the greatest of pleasures or disappointments and certainly the highest expectations from many different quarters in London.  A particularly grand ballroom found itself employed for an evening during the height of the season by one... Continue Reading →


I Wish You Well

By Lucy Potter Word Count: 2597 Rating: PG Summary: Severus and Lily clearing the air between them, really - finally - getting a chance to see each other's point of view. Pepper-Ups for the Fenwicks in hand, Lily turned away from the shelf of bottles only to run straight into the front of a black-clad man.... Continue Reading →

Life and Love: A Jane Austen Drabble

By Audrey Elissa Hodson Word Count: 396 Rating: G Summary: A Jane Austen-style short fiction. Dawn crept through the thin linen window hangings. Our rooster ‘twas all but inept, as of late. But not to worry, as the sun was ever the faithful companion, as perhaps it always had been. I did not boast myself a... Continue Reading →

Look and At and Me

By Lucy Potter Word Count: 280 Rating: G Summary: Professor Snape laments his life. Come to me and take careful note Learn the truth, find your resolve Tell the ones that need to know Things are headed south One side dark and one side light But it don't pay to live like that So I... Continue Reading →

Sharpe: The Rise of a Natural Born Leader

By Graeme Restorick (alias Matthew Hill-spur) Word Count: 1334 Rating: G Summary: A Review of the TV series Sharpe  The Sharpe Series, based on Bernard Cornwell's books, was a popular period drama series set during the Napoleonic Wars that was originally screened on ITV in the UK between 1993 and 1997 (with one-off episodes based in... Continue Reading →

The Lies We Tell: Chapter 6

By Jessica Beaubien (alias Niaf) Word Count: 27542 Rating: PG Summary: The alternate account of the Chamber of Secrets seen through Snape’s eyes. Theme Parks and Potions Severus wondered again what he would do now that it seemed this child had found a way to wiggle into his heart. How wrong he'd been all these years... Continue Reading →

Trouble on Deck Five

Unless the spider was highly poisonous he would not destroy it, for Vulcans respected life in all its myriad forms. A common motto of his people read, Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations.

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