The Martial Arts of Marvel

By Ian Wilson Word Count: 1028 Rating: G Summary: Martial Artist Ian Wilson dissects the use of martial arts in Marvel's Netflix series. So I just earned black belt in Shorin Ryu Karate. I am by no means a martial arts expert. A black belt simply means that I have mastered the basics to the... Continue Reading →


The Voodoo Doll (Take Two)

THE VOODOO DOLL (TAKE TWO): A PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN FAN-FICTION STORY By WriterFromWardrobe Word count: 1531 Rating: PG Summary: Henry and Carina's first child is expected any day. In my earlier fanfic, The Voodoo Doll, I explained how Carina could have been Jack and Angelica's daughter. Having now seen PotC: DMTNT, however, I learned... Continue Reading →

Memorable Dress

"There are so many memories locked up in this one dress," she quietly told her little friends as they gathered around her. "And I shall always remember the good."

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