Snow on the Winter Solstice

SNOW ON THE WINTER SOLSTICE By Anonymous Word count: 144 Rating: G Summary: A poem reveling in the joy of winter Your footsteps crunch on the newly fallen snow. A wet branch hits you in the face, and you giggle. Snow covers your hair and shoulders. Evergreen trees contrast sharply with the white, but everywhere... Continue Reading →


The Missing Jade Amulet

THE MISSING JADE AMULET By Amanda Pizzolatto Word count: 3438 Rating: G Summary: A couple schoolgirls find their very own mystery to solve June Smith walked briskly down the sidewalk. She needed to hurry or she was going to be marked as late, again. She huffed as she jogged along; she didn’t know how she... Continue Reading →

…Who Gives Joy to my Youth

By Lawrence Hall Word Count: 138 Rating: G Summary: A poem of joy. Introibo ad altare Dei. Ad Deum qui laetificat juventutem meam. I will go in to the altar of God: to God who giveth joy to my youth.   -Daily Missal, 1962   For Brother Simon   A child thinks joy is all... Continue Reading →

Remembering Blessings

By Linda M. Crate Word Count: Rating: G Summary: A poem about seeing blessings in the midst of storms. one christmas i remember looking out the window to the ivory snow; on a brown barren tree branch sat a beautiful cardinal, and he didn't seem to mind the cold as he sat out in the... Continue Reading →

Doesn’t Feel Like Christmas

By Linda M. Crate Word Count: 115 Rating: G Summary: A poem of a Christmas with no snow. it doesn't feel festive nor right that christmas is coming and there is no psalm of white snow lilting across the land promising a new hope and redemption for the end of one year and a chorus... Continue Reading →

Cap O’ Rushes-Part 2

By Phoenix, April 30, 2015 Word Count: 1031 Rating: G Summary: A classic tale in verse Part 2: Wandering Long she wandered through the land Til coming to a fen she wove A cape and hood of rushes And donning them she covered Her rich and costly clothes And coming to a great house She... Continue Reading →

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