Moon’s End

“We aren’t dead yet.” His other friend brushed black curls from his face and helped him to his feet. “Well...we are, but we’ve got a mission to do first.”


Frodo and Sam’s Relationship in the Light of Aristotle’s Philia

I will concentrate on the relationship of Frodo and Sam, which is the most central to the whole story, since Frodo is the Ring-bearer. I will examine its development and the nature of their friendship, in an attempt to find out whether it can be regarded as friendship according to Aristotle’s philosophical account, and if yes, what kind of friendship it is. Is it an example of an ideal one and can it function as a role-model of friendship?

Leisure Versus Laziness

The highest power of man, his rationality, involves two aspects: the intellectual work of reasoning and the receptive mode of understanding. Ultimately, man is made to understand, and the disposition needed to gain understanding is leisure. However, the word leisure is often misunderstood. It does not mean sitting on the couch watching TV all day. It is the state of openness to reality, involving a calmness and quiet which allows one to see things as they really are.

Harry Potter and the Day After

By Sunbow Pendragon Word Count: 3086 Rating: G Summary: Harry Potter rebuilds his world. Harry Potter sat under the Whomping Willow, silently considering the events of the last few weeks. Surprisingly in the light of their past relationship, the usually taciturn and sometimes violent tree was calm and peaceful. It was also surprising to Harry... Continue Reading →

Et Lux Erat

ET LUX ERAT By Lucy Rutherford Word count: 189 Rating: G Summary: A poem describing the undeniable nature of God. We went last week to an exposition Or something of that sort And heard a man who studied things Like plants and old, dry bones. Self-proclaimed prophet he Who spoke for man, not God And... Continue Reading →


Snape braced himself for a wave of sorrow and fury, only to be pleasantly surprised when it didn't arrive. The trials of Purgatory were real enough, with some modern variations that Dante had not written about, but they brought about change. Plus, after that hellish final year as Headmaster, some of them were a bit of a lark, really.

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