Book Versus Movie: When Bad Movies Tell Good Stories

By Killarney Traynor Word Count: 1839 Rating: G Summary: A review of various Jane Eyre adaptations though the years. “The book is always better,” someone said to me one day. “I don’t know why you even bother watching film versions. They are never as good.”   She was referring, of course, to my Jane Eyre movie collection and... Continue Reading →


The True Meaning of Halloween

By Beregond Word count: 608 Rating: G Summary: How we should really celebrate October 31—and by extension, November 1. In just a few days now, all kinds of random kids will be knocking on your door asking for candy, dressed up as just about anything imaginable. Halloween is a big deal here in the US... Continue Reading →

Anne, Princess of Variolation

ANNE, PRINCESS OF VARIOLATION By Catherine Curzon (alias Madame Gilflurt) Word count: 669 Rating: G Summary: The introduction of variolation to the Western World Whilst writing my book, Life in the Georgian Court, smallpox was never far away from my research notes (metaphorically, of course). In fact, it was a royal brush with smallpox that... Continue Reading →

I&F Fall 2017 The Long 18th Century / Period Drama

Our Fall issue of Ink & Fairydust is here! Based on the Long 18th Century and Period Drama, it includes fanfiction and articles on many diverse books, movies and more, including (but far from limited to) Jane Austen, Pirates of the Caribbean, Felicity the American Girl, and Sharpe!

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