Life and Death

Life and Death: Why I Avoid “Sorcery” in My Fantasy Novels By Kara Swanson Word Count: 478 words Rating: PG-13 for disturbing imagery. Summary: The author shares her story of why she doesn't use magic in her stories. Magic. Sorcery. Wizards. They seem to be pretty essential components to any fantasy or whimsical story. And as... Continue Reading →

12:15 Thoughts on Faramir

"I think there will always be disagreement between the consistently virtuous and the repentantly heroic Faramir bandcamps, but I also think there is ground for respect on both sides."

The Real McCoy

"Inasmuch as O'Brian's novels are, in essence, about relationships, it is the friendship between Jack Aubrey and Stephen Maturin, which lasts through all of the novels and gives them unity and coherence, that is the measure of all the others."

Catholic or Pagan?

"Gillard seems to forget that if Arthur is famous for having a wizard as a counselor, he is just as famous, if not more so, for the quest for the Holy Grail, the cup in which Christ's blood and water was caught when he was pierced by the centurion."

In Love with Squirrels

"The author, M.I. McAlister, is a British lady who has earned my undying respect for the emotion, characters, and beauty that she weaved into her Mistmantle stories."

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