Scour the Horse Anew: An Analysis of G.K. Chesterton’s Epic Poem “The Ballad of the White Horse”

It was the poem said to have been a major inspiration for J.R.R. Tolkien when he wrote The Lord of the Rings, and heralded as one of the last epic poems to be written in the English language.


Tolkien and His Friends

By Martina Juričková Word Count: 1394 Rating: G Summary: An essay about Professor Tolkien and his friendships. Even though Tolkien disliked a literary work being analyzed in reference to its author’s life, he admitted that “[a]n author cannot…remain wholly unaffected by his experience” (Tolkien, 2011, p. xxii). And since in his life he was known for... Continue Reading →

On the Feast of St. Stephen

By Kevin Michael Derby Word Count: 3302 Rating: PG Summary: Kevin writes of the paradox of Christmas time. I am blessed with having both an older and a younger brother who are almost seven years apart from each other. Of course, being stuck between them during my childhood, I did not think they were much of... Continue Reading →

Different Kinds of Friendship in Middle-Earth

Interracial friendships are those which are established between members of different races. While intra-racial friendships are common in Tolkien’s world, his stories more frequently feature interracial ones because the history-making events described in them usually require a clash and cooperation between different cultures, and such out-of-necessity relationships can often result in genuine friendships. From the writer’s point of view, these relationships provide a great opportunity for combating prejudice and exercising virtues. Nonetheless, the quality of friendship depends on the characters’ personality rather than racial typicalities.


Although the movie showed little success at its first publication (perhaps the title turned people away?), it became wildly popular in 1988 (when VHS and new-fangled “videos” were introduced) as the few who had first loved The Princess Bride showed it to their children… and then to their grandchildren.

Her Fantasy: A Review of the Movie “Austenland”

    What is it about men who wear breeches, billowy white shirts, velvet waistcoats, and top hats? Is it the knee-high boots that make the ensemble or the way they tip their hat as a woman passes by? For Regency era-loving Jane Hayes in the film Austenland, it’s simply because the men are living in the ideal yesteryear of Jane Austen’s world.

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