Archetypes of Womanhood: Woman as a Contextual Being

By Sensei Edwin L. Rimban Word Count: 1389 Rating: PG Summary: Sensei Edwin gives his perspective on the mystery of woman.     Woman is a contextual being, a fascinating, complex universe woven out of time, space and causality.   Archetypal psychology and the esoteric arts of wisdom recognize many different kinds of womanhood archetypes.... Continue Reading →


The Martial Arts of Marvel

By Ian Wilson Word Count: 1028 Rating: G Summary: Martial Artist Ian Wilson dissects the use of martial arts in Marvel's Netflix series. So I just earned black belt in Shorin Ryu Karate. I am by no means a martial arts expert. A black belt simply means that I have mastered the basics to the... Continue Reading →

An Essay on Evil

The devil tempts us and seeks to lead us astray. Hell is not necessarily the fire and brimstone suffering of the Bible, but rather a complete isolation from and lack of relationship with the Divine

The True Meaning of Halloween

By Beregond Word count: 608 Rating: G Summary: How we should really celebrate October 31—and by extension, November 1. In just a few days now, all kinds of random kids will be knocking on your door asking for candy, dressed up as just about anything imaginable. Halloween is a big deal here in the US... Continue Reading →

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