Remember This: A Movie Review of Casablanca

The old saying goes, “Can’t live with them, can’t live without them.” The same thing holds true for legends.


Different Kinds of Friendship in Middle-Earth

Interracial friendships are those which are established between members of different races. While intra-racial friendships are common in Tolkien’s world, his stories more frequently feature interracial ones because the history-making events described in them usually require a clash and cooperation between different cultures, and such out-of-necessity relationships can often result in genuine friendships. From the writer’s point of view, these relationships provide a great opportunity for combating prejudice and exercising virtues. Nonetheless, the quality of friendship depends on the characters’ personality rather than racial typicalities.


Although the movie showed little success at its first publication (perhaps the title turned people away?), it became wildly popular in 1988 (when VHS and new-fangled “videos” were introduced) as the few who had first loved The Princess Bride showed it to their children… and then to their grandchildren.

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