Krampusnacht; the Nightmare Before Christmas

By Ian Wilson Word Count: 576 Rating: G Summary: An article on the history and celebration of Krampusnacht, the eve of St. Nicholas Day. In British and American culture, Christmas is a time of joy, family gatherings, food and exchanging of gifts, embodied by the folkloric bringer of gifts Santa Claus, or as he is... Continue Reading →


Oz vs. Wonderland

By: Sean Romer Word Count: 188 Rating: G Summary: A description of battle between the inhabitants of Oz and Wonderland. I wonder what an Oz vs. Wonderland grudge match would have been like?   When the Hatter's clock struck eleventeen, the Wicked Witch's Flying Monkey battalions launched a salvo against the halberdier card troops, smudging... Continue Reading →

I&F Fall 2017 The Long 18th Century / Period Drama

Our Fall issue of Ink & Fairydust is here! Based on the Long 18th Century and Period Drama, it includes fanfiction and articles on many diverse books, movies and more, including (but far from limited to) Jane Austen, Pirates of the Caribbean, Felicity the American Girl, and Sharpe!

Meet Clive

Meet Clive, our very own Tyrannosaurus Dragon and mascot! He may not be able to really fly or use those short arms of his, and he might be a bit clumsy, but that only makes him more adorable! Clive was born during a quote discussion between our editors, finally being allowed 'real' status after a... Continue Reading →

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