I Am Doritos

"I shall uncover the evils of Athens and her pomp, and show Sparti to be the true champion of all that is good!"

A Book Worth Reading

"There I’ll sit, lonely and cramped, with no one flipping through my pages, no one looking for the secrets hidden in these leather-bound walls."

Rose and Hyacinth

"She was named Rose in honor of the rose given to them by the Queen of Heaven, and was even consecrated to the Blessed Virgin in thanksgiving for the graces received from God."

Elemental Exchange

"Man, I am curious why and how you have disturbed my rest. Your kind have scaled my flanks and stood upon my crags and troubled me no more than the eagles whose generations have flown above me while I slept."

Bart the Bard

"Deep in the mountains in a hidden cave is a sword. This sword gives unbelievable power, power not even I can begin to understand. It is being sought by enemy, Marvin the Maligned. He mustn't get it, Bart."

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