The Enchanted Rose

By Amanda Pizzolatto Word Count: 3331 Rating: G Summary: Queen Scheherazade has a mission for young Ananse, a hero in training, but can he complete it? “Uncle Remus! Aunt Nancy! I’m home!” called out Henry right before slamming the door behind him. A dark-skinned woman in her forties appeared around the corner. “Henry Charles Anderson! How... Continue Reading →


Living for Old Stoney

LIVING FOR OLD STONEY By Sarah Levesque Word count: 2366 Rating: PG Summary: An old man tells his great-grandson a war story. “C’mere son. I’m gonna tell you a story,” the old man said as he sat down in the rocking chair next to the boy. The boy looked up hopefully. “Now,” the old man... Continue Reading →

The Crossing of Christopher

THE CROSSING OF CHRISTOPHER By Avellina Balestri Word count: 3123 Rating: PG Summary: A retelling of the story of St. Christopher There once lived a man named Darrick, with strong arms and bulging muscles, a smith by trade, accustomed to hammering down metal and bending it to his will. In the village, he was renowned... Continue Reading →

The Enfield Report

By Sarah Levesque Word Count: 1400 Rating: PG Summary: A fictional news cast of the aftermath surrounding Johnathan Edward's sermon "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God". [Newscast at the Second Meeting House of the First Church of Christ, Enfield, Massachusetts] ELDRIDGE: Hello, I’m Francis Eldridge from HIST News. Today, July 8th, 1741, I’m... Continue Reading →

One More Dance

ONE MORE DANCE By Stuart S. Laing Word count: 1780 Rating: PG Summary: An old lady remembers younger, happier days. “Where’s that blimming cat got tae now?” Jinty sighed as she stared around the edge of her door, peering out into the darkness of Fishmarket Close as the snow continued to fall like feathers from... Continue Reading →

The Perfect Gift

By Julia Rose Magyar Works Cited: 2102 Rating: G Summary: A little girl's Christmas Wish leads to an important lesson. It was almost Christmas time in the town of Happy Meadows. The town was in great preparation, decorating shop windows, and hanging wreaths and garlands on their doors. But in one house, a twelve-year-old girl sat... Continue Reading →

I&F Winter & Christmas 2017

Our 2017 Winter Themed Issue is here! Yes, the theme of the issue is Winter and Christmas. Fanfiction, original fiction, poetry, articles on many different aspects of the season & more - it's all here!

The Angel of Christmas

By Amanda Pizzolatto Word Count: 3074 Rating: G Summary: The story of one girl's battle to save Christmas. The town of Crystal Woods, Asphodel, is widely known for its celebration of the Christmas season, often nicknamed the Christmas Town. Every house is lined with lights, every chimney is smoking, and every door has a wreath.... Continue Reading →

The Coronation of Charlemagne

THE CORONATION OF CHARLEMAGNE By The Hapsburg Restorationist, February 22, 2016 Word Count: 701 Rating: G Summary: A dramatization of the coronation of Charlemagne. (Christmas Day, 800 A.D.) A hush fell upon the multitude of the faithful as they assembled in the nave of the great Basilica of Saint Peter. Even on the great feast... Continue Reading →

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