A Day on Piccadilly Street

“Terribly sorry!” she gasped, tripping over the hem of someone’s skirt. “Indeed, I hope not. No one should be so sorry when they are distracted by books,” her victim replied.


The Silver Lining

By Stuart S. Laing Word Count: 5237 Rating: PG Summary: Scottish Soldiers tell stories around the Barracks Edinburgh, Scotland 1st November 1746 “Och, we may as well make ourselves comfortable. That rain isn’t going to let up any time soon.” Sergeant Angus MacIan of Edinburgh’s Town Guard gave a slow shake of his grey head as... Continue Reading →

A New Home

A NEW HOME By Amanda Pizzolatto (alias Aurora Mandeville) Word count: 1716 Rating: G Summary: An unhappy orphan finds a loving family The carriage rolled up to the gloomy castle as wave after wave crashed upon the distant shore. The boy curled up inside felt that the waves matched his emotions that dreary morning, angry... Continue Reading →

After the ‘45

“Oh, da,” he said, with a trembling voice, "Why must I make this terrible choice To leave yourself and the maiden I love, Go fight for James Edward’s right to his glove?

I&F Fall 2017 The Long 18th Century / Period Drama

Our Fall issue of Ink & Fairydust is here! Based on the Long 18th Century and Period Drama, it includes fanfiction and articles on many diverse books, movies and more, including (but far from limited to) Jane Austen, Pirates of the Caribbean, Felicity the American Girl, and Sharpe!

The Rich Young Man

"It's all over town that you went with the crowd of peasants and listened to that addle-pated Rabbi preach from a mountain-top all day long! And you told everybody it was wonderful!"

I Am Doritos

"I shall uncover the evils of Athens and her pomp, and show Sparti to be the true champion of all that is good!"

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