The Rich Young Man

"It's all over town that you went with the crowd of peasants and listened to that addle-pated Rabbi preach from a mountain-top all day long! And you told everybody it was wonderful!"


I Am Doritos

"I shall uncover the evils of Athens and her pomp, and show Sparti to be the true champion of all that is good!"

The Maid of Harlaw

"This house is old, my lord. It is on nights like this that it remembers just how old it is and the will to hold its stones together grows weak."

Garments of Red

"What is this faith for which thousands are dying? That is how we spread the Word - by making them wonder. And Juvid, believe me, they are wondering."

Because of You

"Why was she resisting so? Would it really matter to just let him, and herself, be happy? Why couldn't she just go back? No! That was just the kind of thought that would ruin her."

Pilate and Claudia

Avellina Balestri, April 21, 2017 (8611 words) Rating: PG-13 Summary: A fictionalized autobiography of Pontius Pilate This story is a work of historical fiction, based on the Four Canonical Gospels of Holy Scripture, as well as additional information provided by historians such as Josephus, and legendary materials collected from antiquity. The final resolution is my... Continue Reading →

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