Voldesect the Roach and The Girl Who Lived To Tell Tale

"Unfortunately, the Dark Lord of Bugs is fast and I have the aim of a Storm Trooper."


The Window of St. Mary’s

"The glass marker installed the window, and then made his home in the village since he could not bear to leave it after the death of his son. I think that besides his son's grave being here, the stained glass window was the man's closest connection to his child, and that had something to do with it."

Of the Trees

"This tree is singing about everything it has seen. It was here before the town was built, and has watched generations of people live their lives."

Pilate and Claudia

Avellina Balestri, April 21, 2017 (8611 words) Rating: PG-13 Summary: A fictionalized autobiography of Pontius Pilate This story is a work of historical fiction, based on the Four Canonical Gospels of Holy Scripture, as well as additional information provided by historians such as Josephus, and legendary materials collected from antiquity. The final resolution is my... Continue Reading →

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