“You may call me Mother,” the woman answered, kissing me again on the forehead. “Everyone calls me Mother here. Now stand up and stop making a fool of yourself.”


The Rich Young Man

"It's all over town that you went with the crowd of peasants and listened to that addle-pated Rabbi preach from a mountain-top all day long! And you told everybody it was wonderful!"


"You are the one who has suffered from these attacks - the phenomena - you have mentioned. Therefore, we must pray that a special grace descends upon you."

The Window of St. Mary’s

"The glass marker installed the window, and then made his home in the village since he could not bear to leave it after the death of his son. I think that besides his son's grave being here, the stained glass window was the man's closest connection to his child, and that had something to do with it."

Rose and Hyacinth

"She was named Rose in honor of the rose given to them by the Queen of Heaven, and was even consecrated to the Blessed Virgin in thanksgiving for the graces received from God."

God’s Humble Instrument

"I think the first thing I'll see will be the angels, happy angels with bright, shiny wings. I've always wanted to see angels, ever since I saw a picture on one of Mommy's Christmas cards...but real angels will be even prettier, right?"

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