The Crossing of Christopher

THE CROSSING OF CHRISTOPHER By Avellina Balestri Word count: 3123 Rating: PG Summary: A retelling of the story of St. Christopher There once lived a man named Darrick, with strong arms and bulging muscles, a smith by trade, accustomed to hammering down metal and bending it to his will. In the village, he was renowned... Continue Reading →


The Perfect Gift

By Julia Rose Magyar Works Cited: 2102 Rating: G Summary: A little girl's Christmas Wish leads to an important lesson. It was almost Christmas time in the town of Happy Meadows. The town was in great preparation, decorating shop windows, and hanging wreaths and garlands on their doors. But in one house, a twelve-year-old girl sat... Continue Reading →

I&F Winter & Christmas 2017

Our 2017 Winter Themed Issue is here! Yes, the theme of the issue is Winter and Christmas. Fanfiction, original fiction, poetry, articles on many different aspects of the season & more - it's all here!

The Coronation of Charlemagne

THE CORONATION OF CHARLEMAGNE By The Hapsburg Restorationist, February 22, 2016 Word Count: 701 Rating: G Summary: A dramatization of the coronation of Charlemagne. (Christmas Day, 800 A.D.) A hush fell upon the multitude of the faithful as they assembled in the nave of the great Basilica of Saint Peter. Even on the great feast... Continue Reading →


“You may call me Mother,” the woman answered, kissing me again on the forehead. “Everyone calls me Mother here. Now stand up and stop making a fool of yourself.”

The Rich Young Man

"It's all over town that you went with the crowd of peasants and listened to that addle-pated Rabbi preach from a mountain-top all day long! And you told everybody it was wonderful!"


"You are the one who has suffered from these attacks - the phenomena - you have mentioned. Therefore, we must pray that a special grace descends upon you."

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