One More Dance

ONE MORE DANCE By Stuart S. Laing Word count: 1780 Rating: PG Summary: An old lady remembers younger, happier days. “Where’s that blimming cat got tae now?” Jinty sighed as she stared around the edge of her door, peering out into the darkness of Fishmarket Close as the snow continued to fall like feathers from... Continue Reading →


I&F Winter & Christmas 2017

Our 2017 Winter Themed Issue is here! Yes, the theme of the issue is Winter and Christmas. Fanfiction, original fiction, poetry, articles on many different aspects of the season & more - it's all here!

I&F Fall 2017 The Long 18th Century / Period Drama

Our Fall issue of Ink & Fairydust is here! Based on the Long 18th Century and Period Drama, it includes fanfiction and articles on many diverse books, movies and more, including (but far from limited to) Jane Austen, Pirates of the Caribbean, Felicity the American Girl, and Sharpe!

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