“Tintern Abbey” and Raskolvnikov: Memory’s Contrasting Consequences

"TINTERN ABBEY" AND RASKOVNIKOV: MEMORY'S CONTRASTING CONSEQUENCES By Sarah Baugher Word count: 1801 Rating: PG Summary: A discussion of "Lines Written a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey" and Crime and Punishment. William Wordsworth’s poem, “Lines Written a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey,” and Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s novel, Crime and Punishment, exhibit the two extreme effects that memory... Continue Reading →


The Treeman of Roses: Chapter 7

By: T.K. Wilson Word Count: 15261 Rating: PG for depictions of PTSD panic attacks and violence Summary: When Lady Goewyn of House Meridian meets the long missing treeman of roses, Lord Rhodon of the Western March, her eyes are opened to a new world of danger, magic, and healing. Chapter 7: The Fire Witch For... Continue Reading →

Keep a Weather Eye on the Horizon

KEEP A WEATHER EYE ON THE HORIZON: A PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN FAN-FICTION STORY By WriterFromWardrobe Word count: 751 Rating: PG Summary: A lighthouse-keeper struggles against a storm How in all this wind does he sleep? The rain pelts against the glass like rifles going off. For a moment, I fear that holes will be... Continue Reading →

The Lies We Tell: Chapter 2

By Jessica Beaubien (alias Niaf) Word Count: 27542 Rating: PG Summary: The alternate account of the Chamber of Secrets seen through Snape’s eyes. Chapter 2: Death Grip Severus found himself absently carding his hand through the boy’s black hair, still left wondering how things had gotten to this point. He pushed away the thoughts of his... Continue Reading →

Ferguson’s Grave

FERGUSON'S GRAVE By Avellina Balestri Word count: 242 Rating: PG Summary: A lament for Major Patrick Ferguson   A lament for British Major Patrick Ferguson, killed at the Battle of King’s Mountain, October 7, 1780 *** Ferguson, lying beneath cold stones, Gray with lichen clinging, Do you yearn for the sounds of home? Can you... Continue Reading →

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