Look and At and Me

By Lucy Potter Word Count: 280 Rating: G Summary: Professor Snape laments his life. Come to me and take careful note Learn the truth, find your resolve Tell the ones that need to know Things are headed south One side dark and one side light But it don't pay to live like that So I... Continue Reading →


Two Viewpoints

By Kateri Athanasius, January 30, 2016 Word Count: 581 Rating: PG for abortion theme Summary: A tale of pregnancy from two POV’s My heart dropped as my fears were confirmed I was pregnant; for this I had not yearned Where do I go? To whom can I turn? – Hi there, Mommy It’s little me... Continue Reading →

Thinning Veil

By Cheryl Anne, Oct 25 2016 Word Count: 148 Rating: G Summary: A poem for All Saints Day At this time of the Thinning Veil, may we remember All Saints and All Souls who have ventured before us into the Otherworld, which at all times lies just a breath beyond us. At this time of... Continue Reading →

Walk With Me

Leave the glaring lights and noise behind, leave your watch and phone at home, walk away from all the troubles that confuse your weary mind.

Et Lux Erat

ET LUX ERAT By Lucy Rutherford Word count: 189 Rating: G Summary: A poem describing the undeniable nature of God. We went last week to an exposition Or something of that sort And heard a man who studied things Like plants and old, dry bones. Self-proclaimed prophet he Who spoke for man, not God And... Continue Reading →

Ferguson’s Grave

FERGUSON'S GRAVE By Avellina Balestri Word count: 242 Rating: PG Summary: A lament for Major Patrick Ferguson   A lament for British Major Patrick Ferguson, killed at the Battle of King’s Mountain, October 7, 1780 *** Ferguson, lying beneath cold stones, Gray with lichen clinging, Do you yearn for the sounds of home? Can you... Continue Reading →

The Rhyming Little Mermaid

By Joshua David Ling Word Count: 4342 Rating: G Summary: An epic poem retelling Hans Christian Andersen's classic fairy tale "The Little Mermaid." The (Rhyming) Little Mermaid By Joshua David Ling Original Story By Hans Christian Andersen --- 1 - Tales of Manfolk Once underneath the Mediterranean Sea There lived many people like you and... Continue Reading →

After the ‘45

“Oh, da,” he said, with a trembling voice, "Why must I make this terrible choice To leave yourself and the maiden I love, Go fight for James Edward’s right to his glove?

I&F Fall 2017 The Long 18th Century / Period Drama

Our Fall issue of Ink & Fairydust is here! Based on the Long 18th Century and Period Drama, it includes fanfiction and articles on many diverse books, movies and more, including (but far from limited to) Jane Austen, Pirates of the Caribbean, Felicity the American Girl, and Sharpe!

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