What is Love?

By Hikari Katana, February 16, 2016 Word Count: 203 Rating: G Summary: A question asked in an answered poem. What is love? — It is every love song you have ever heard wrapped in silver It is the taste of amber fire on your tongue It is a silken sheet both smooth and strong linking... Continue Reading →


The Song that Never Sleeps

By Avellina Balestri, April 28, 2016 Word Count: 225 Rating: G Summary: For the birthday of Matthew Hill-Spur, who has inspired me with both the British rebel streak and steady sense of determination We will remember The “failures” The “losers” The “rejects” Who dared to be more Then others allowed In the smallness of their... Continue Reading →

Chariots of the Druid Knights

By Sensei Erwin L. Rimban Word Count: 300 Rating: PG Summary: A poem of mythic war. We dreamed the ten thousand chariots In the cold embrace of winter dreams And readied stone and metal, wood and mortar To the silent expectation of our women’s creams. We built the ten thousand chariots With hammer and anvil, stone... Continue Reading →

The Oak King

By Patrick W. Kavanagh, February 7, 2016 Word Count: 191 Rating: G Summary: A poem of a tree Do not fear the dying of the light, for soon the woods will once more echo with delight. Beneath the autumn’s leaves and winter’s snow, the first, faint glimmerings of spring begin to glow. Those who live... Continue Reading →

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