Doesn’t Feel Like Christmas

By Linda M. Crate Word Count: 115 Rating: G Summary: A poem of a Christmas with no snow. it doesn't feel festive nor right that christmas is coming and there is no psalm of white snow lilting across the land promising a new hope and redemption for the end of one year and a chorus... Continue Reading →


Cap O’ Rushes-Part 2

By Phoenix, April 30, 2015 Word Count: 1031 Rating: G Summary: A classic tale in verse Part 2: Wandering Long she wandered through the land Til coming to a fen she wove A cape and hood of rushes And donning them she covered Her rich and costly clothes And coming to a great house She... Continue Reading →

The World Held in Your Hands

THE WORLD HELD IN YOUR HANDS By Lawrence Hall Word count: 93 Rating: G Summary: A poetic description of the Rosary. A little bead between your fingers slips And then another, and another yet Linked with a bit of cord, in corde✽ linked Like planets all in rhythm with their sun Each bead is our created world... Continue Reading →

Hark How the Bells

HARK HOW THE BELLS By Anonymous Word count: 102 Rating: G Summary: The poet rejoices in the sound of Christmas bells Hark how the bells Are chiming, calling, pleading, begging Speaking sharply through the night Speaking secrets never answered Into ever dimming light Sweet silv’ry bells Shining, swinging, clanging, ringing Echoing o’er the empty city... Continue Reading →

Christmas Presence

CHRISTMAS PRESENCE By Patrick W. Kavanagh Word count: 192 Rating: G Summary: The poet gives thanks for the many people in his life.   At Christmas time it's sad to be away from so many of the people that I love. No matter where I am, I will be far from those whom I hold... Continue Reading →

Last Sunday After Pentecost

By Lawrence Hall Word Count: 124 Rating: G Summary: A poem of the triumph of the season of Advent over winter. A calling-crow-cold sky ceilings the world Lowering the horizon to itself, All silvery and grey upon the fields Of pale, exhausted, dry-corn-stalk summer. The earth is tired, the air is cold, the dawn False-promises... Continue Reading →

Hermione-A Poem

By Ashutosh Jha Word Count: 104 Rating: G Summary: A Poem about Hermione Granger You're the one who always stood. Together we messed up everything. The polyjuice potion made you a beautiful kitten. All the spells that hardly anyone remembered, They all were at your finger tips. You’re so intelligent, you're so bold. But for... Continue Reading →

Cap O’ Rushes: Part 1

By Phoenix, April 30, 2015 Word Count: 1031 Rating: G Summary: A classic tale in verse Part 1: Once Upon a Time Once there lived a very rich man Who three daughters did have He thought to ask them one fine day How each did love him so To see how fond each daughter was... Continue Reading →

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