…Who Gives Joy to my Youth

By Lawrence Hall Word Count: 138 Rating: G Summary: A poem of joy. Introibo ad altare Dei. Ad Deum qui laetificat juventutem meam. I will go in to the altar of God: to God who giveth joy to my youth.   -Daily Missal, 1962   For Brother Simon   A child thinks joy is all... Continue Reading →


Remembering Blessings

By Linda M. Crate Word Count: Rating: G Summary: A poem about seeing blessings in the midst of storms. one christmas i remember looking out the window to the ivory snow; on a brown barren tree branch sat a beautiful cardinal, and he didn't seem to mind the cold as he sat out in the... Continue Reading →

Doesn’t Feel Like Christmas

By Linda M. Crate Word Count: 115 Rating: G Summary: A poem of a Christmas with no snow. it doesn't feel festive nor right that christmas is coming and there is no psalm of white snow lilting across the land promising a new hope and redemption for the end of one year and a chorus... Continue Reading →

The World Held in Your Hands

THE WORLD HELD IN YOUR HANDS By Lawrence Hall Word count: 93 Rating: G Summary: A poetic description of the Rosary. A little bead between your fingers slips And then another, and another yet Linked with a bit of cord, in corde✽ linked Like planets all in rhythm with their sun Each bead is our created world... Continue Reading →

Hark How the Bells

HARK HOW THE BELLS By Anonymous Word count: 102 Rating: G Summary: The poet rejoices in the sound of Christmas bells Hark how the bells Are chiming, calling, pleading, begging Speaking sharply through the night Speaking secrets never answered Into ever dimming light Sweet silv’ry bells Shining, swinging, clanging, ringing Echoing o’er the empty city... Continue Reading →

Last Sunday After Pentecost

By Lawrence Hall Word Count: 124 Rating: G Summary: A poem of the triumph of the season of Advent over winter. A calling-crow-cold sky ceilings the world Lowering the horizon to itself, All silvery and grey upon the fields Of pale, exhausted, dry-corn-stalk summer. The earth is tired, the air is cold, the dawn False-promises... Continue Reading →

Why Do We Write?

WHY DO WE WRITE? By Lawrence Hall Word count: 72 Rating: G Summary: The poet describes the great gift of literary art. “Beauty will save the world.”* -Dostoyevsky   If we accept that art helps us reveal The hidden structures of the universe As beauty transcendent in color and form Harmonious truth in music, word,... Continue Reading →

A New Dawn of Freedom

A NEW DAWN OF FREEDOM By Lawrence Hall Word count: 83 Rating: G Summary: The poet dedicates the New Year to Christian virtues, rather than the old Pagan ones.   A new dawn of freedom? May it be so Even in this artificial shift of time According to those calendars and clocks Who still attribute... Continue Reading →

Epiphany, Transferred

By Lawrence Hall Word Count: 87 Rating: G Summary: A poem digesting what Epiphany would be like today. How, then, does one transfer a holy day? The Magi reschedule their appointments, The camels are re-booked with a penalty, King Herod’s social secretary sighs And jots a note for the distribution list (Holy Innocents will die... Continue Reading →

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