Doesn’t Feel Like Christmas

By Linda M. Crate Word Count: 115 Rating: G Summary: A poem of a Christmas with no snow. it doesn't feel festive nor right that christmas is coming and there is no psalm of white snow lilting across the land promising a new hope and redemption for the end of one year and a chorus... Continue Reading →


Last Sunday After Pentecost

By Lawrence Hall Word Count: 124 Rating: G Summary: A poem of the triumph of the season of Advent over winter. A calling-crow-cold sky ceilings the world Lowering the horizon to itself, All silvery and grey upon the fields Of pale, exhausted, dry-corn-stalk summer. The earth is tired, the air is cold, the dawn False-promises... Continue Reading →

Wishes: A Harry Potter Fan Fiction

By Aconitum-Napellus Word Count: 981 Rating: G Summary: Lily's sister Petunia thinks about what might have been. Sometimes, just sometimes, Petunia let herself look into Harry’s eyes, because there she saw Lily, and through Lily she saw her father, and something of her mother, and little glimpses of her grandparents, all of their eyes. It was... Continue Reading →

Silent Night: An American Girl Fan Fiction

By Hannah Skipper Word Count: 6235 Rating: PG Summary: A story of the Christmas Truce, using characters featured in the Molly American Girl books. As the snow let up in the wee hours of the morning on Christmas Day 1944, forty-nine-year old Colonel James Bennett and a small contingent of British and American officers hunkered down in... Continue Reading →

Epiphany, Transferred

By Lawrence Hall Word Count: 87 Rating: G Summary: A poem digesting what Epiphany would be like today. How, then, does one transfer a holy day? The Magi reschedule their appointments, The camels are re-booked with a penalty, King Herod’s social secretary sighs And jots a note for the distribution list (Holy Innocents will die... Continue Reading →

A London Christmas: Chapter 3

By Sarah Levesque Word Count: 4163 Rating: G Summary: The Pevensies celebrate their first Christmas back in London with their Mother, but they miss Narnia terribly. Can the children make it a merry one? The next day, Lucy was skipping to keep up with Peter’s long strides. “I wonder what Father Christmas will bring us... Continue Reading →

Frodo’s Last Shire Yule

By Anne Marie Gazzolo Word Count: 2605 Rating: G Summary: Frodo celebrates one last Yule at Bag End before leaving for the West. Frodo stood silently in the dark parlour, looking at the single light that glowed by his favorite chair. The book he was reading awaited him by the table. The blanket he often wrapped... Continue Reading →

Freeze and Thaw: A Star Trek Fan Fiction Story

By Aconitum Napellus Word Count: 7438 Rating: PG-13 Summary: After a disastrous visit to another planet, Spock conspires with Bones and Scotty to save Captain Kirk from crushing depression. December was a dull month. Even on the starship Enterprise, without the natural cycles of weather or the tilt of the earth creating shorter, darker, colder days,... Continue Reading →

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