30 Years Outatime: A Review of “Back to the Future”

Few films attain an iconic status that allows them to stand the test of time and remain relevant to each successive generation so that it becomes a cultural institution that transcends time and has a shelf life which extends long beyond its initial release.



Although the movie showed little success at its first publication (perhaps the title turned people away?), it became wildly popular in 1988 (when VHS and new-fangled “videos” were introduced) as the few who had first loved The Princess Bride showed it to their children… and then to their grandchildren.

Her Fantasy: A Review of the Movie “Austenland”

    What is it about men who wear breeches, billowy white shirts, velvet waistcoats, and top hats? Is it the knee-high boots that make the ensemble or the way they tip their hat as a woman passes by? For Regency era-loving Jane Hayes in the film Austenland, it’s simply because the men are living in the ideal yesteryear of Jane Austen’s world.

An Essay on Evil

The devil tempts us and seeks to lead us astray. Hell is not necessarily the fire and brimstone suffering of the Bible, but rather a complete isolation from and lack of relationship with the Divine

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