Between Heaven and Earth: C.S. Lewis and the Intangible Mystery of Roman Catholicism

C.S. Lewis instinctively grasped the concept of the preternatural, the place between heaven and Earth where souls are won and lost. He quintessentially understood that there was a battle in the nether world.

All Things Will Be Made Right: Sin as a State of Being in the Writings of C.S. Lewis

As I grew older and the process of His sanctification grew with me, I realized that sin has both an active and passive voice; that to omit obedience is equal in “sinfulness” to blatant disobedience. Consequently, my understanding, appreciation, and adoration for what Christ did at the Cross magnified.

Sine Caritas Non Est: An Essay on Divine and Human Love

By Lucy Rutherford Word Count: 2268 Rating: PG (mild sexual content) Summary: A discussion of the difference between Charity (God’s Love) and Eros (Romantic Love). They were both college students, both Technology majors, both fond of line dancing and Virginia Reels. They had a common interest in applied technology and they found a common solace in […]

The Devil Inside: A Reflection on The Screwtape Letters

By Hannah Vincent Word Count: 730 Rating: PG for heavy subject matter included in “The Screwtape Letters” Summary: An essay about C.S. Lewis’s classic “The Screwtape Letters”. There is such a thing as evil. Unfortunately, too many times we want to ignore it or hope it is not a common occurrence. Despite the fact that […]

The Problem of Edmund: A Discussion of Justice, Mercy, and Forgiveness

Despite all of this, after this scene, not one of his siblings speaks out against Edmund – not to his face, or behind his back. Not one holds on to his or her anger, resentment, or blame. They simply do as Aslan said, and move on. And we the observers are left to wonder how. How did they move on so easily?

Family Life: A Memoir from 1920’s America

The time came for him to make a decision between filling the barn with a horse or a car. He decided for the car. So Mom and Dad went out shopping and bought one. They decided on a Willy’s Knight—a seven passenger sedan with flower vases, roller curtains on the windows, and a heat register on the floor.

If We Can Keep It: Maintaining Constitutional Relevancy in the Modern United States

“The Constitution is still relevant because of its purpose: to establish a solid foundation that protects the rights and upholds the truths listed in the Declaration of Independence.”

Aliens: Science Fiction or Reality?

By Jonathan Platt (alias J.D. Wilson) Word Count: 3490 Rating: G (suitable for all audiences) Summary: A summary of Christian writer’s thoughts on alien life. Are we alone in the heavens? Is there life, including intelligent life, elsewhere in the universe? What would be the implications for humanity and our relationship to God if there […]

Star Trek: The Next Generation – 30 Years Later (Part 1)

By Michael Goth Word Count: 3522 Rating: PG for discussion of sexual situations in the series Summary: A Retrospective on “Star Trek: The Next Generation”. As unbelievable as it may seem now thirty years later, when Star Trek: The Next Generation premiered on September 28, 1987 it wasn’t exactly welcomed with opened hands by everyone. True, the […]

My Kindred Spirit: A Tribute to Lucy Maud Montgomery and Her World of Avonlea

By Gina Marinello-Sweeney Word Count: 787 Rating: G (suitable for all audiences) Summary: Read this tribute to Lucy Maud Montgomery, the beloved author of “Anne of Green Gables” who has served as an inspiration for many young novelists letting their creativity flow. “The world calls them its singers and poets and artists and storytellers; but […]