A Short Discourse on Friendship

By Sarah Levesque

Word Count: 815

Rating: G

Summary: An article discussing the different types of friendship

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One of those Ancient Greek philosophers – Aristotle, maybe – said that there were three types of friendship. Whatever he called them, I’m going to call them the Fun Friend, the Useful Friend and the True Friend.

The Fun Friends are the ones you hang out with because you enjoy either being the audience to their antics or you enjoy having them as an audience. Alternatively, you could enjoy the same things and just do them together, like go to the movies or play softball, or you might be co-workers that spend time together at work because you have the same sense of humor. You probably don’t talk about heavy topics, you just enjoy each other’s company when you’re around each other and that’s probably about it. Maybe you care about how their personal lives are going, maybe you don’t. There’s nothing wrong with this sort of friendship, particularly if you’re on the same page. Read more about A Short Discourse on Friendship

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