30 Years Outatime: A Review of “Back to the Future”

Few films attain an iconic status that allows them to stand the test of time and remain relevant to each successive generation so that it becomes a cultural institution that transcends time and has a shelf life which extends long beyond its initial release.


Ghosts of Christmas Past

By Chris S. Word Count: 2338 Rating: PG Summary: Lily's ghost appears to Snape and shows him the error in his treatment of Harry. It was Christmas Eve, and all Severus could think about was retreating to his potions lab. He had convinced Dumbledore to send every last child home for the holidays, which meant... Continue Reading →


By Aconitum-Napellus Word Count: 1749 Rating: PG Summary: A story about Edith Keeler and her brief romance with Captain Kirk. When he cleared out her room after the dreadful event he made some startling discoveries, for Edith Keeler, for all of her saintly activities in her outward life, was a kleptomaniac. She only had the one... Continue Reading →


We prove whether or not we are truly free when we have to make decisions about good and evil. When we experience an injustice, we usually respond in one of two ways. Either we ignore the wrong, detach ourselves from it, and refuse to face it as an objective evil, or we allow the unpleasant experience to define us, and hatred and rage for our persecutors governs our actions thereafter.

The Faithful Servant

He was not alone. Snape recognized the figures fanned out around him, the Death Eaters who had heeded the call immediately, most hoping for forgiveness for their cowardice. He recognized Lucius, Dolohov, Macnair. Pettigrew, simpering off to the Dark Lord's side, missing a hand—just as Potter had reported.

Trouble on Deck Five

Unless the spider was highly poisonous he would not destroy it, for Vulcans respected life in all its myriad forms. A common motto of his people read, Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations.

An Essay on Evil

The devil tempts us and seeks to lead us astray. Hell is not necessarily the fire and brimstone suffering of the Bible, but rather a complete isolation from and lack of relationship with the Divine

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