Christmas Poem

By Martina Jurickova Word Count: 90 Rating: G Summary: A poem about the joys of Christmas Listen to this Christmas poem; wonderful, the warmth of home when mum’s baking cakes and more while just beyond the festooned door Winter sits upon her throne.   Everything outside is white; you await a snowball fight. Let’s make some... Continue Reading →


Winter’s Fae

By Linda M. Crate Word Count: 145 Rating: G Summary: A poem about Winter's trickster. crystals of light danced upon the snow faerie glitter for the winter fae, and i felt the sharpness of his blue eyes as crows danced all around me; but when i turned he was never there— i wonder if winter's... Continue Reading →

A Canterbury Remembrance

By Lawrence Hall Word Count: 83 Rating: G Summary: A tongue in cheek shot at pilgrimages and Chaucer Astride his horse, the gift-shop blisful martir Raises his glov’ed hand in priestly blessing For those who wear his token in evidence Of a devout pilgrimage to Canterbury   By tour bus those who wolden ryde there... Continue Reading →

The Tree That Fell

By Joshua David Ling Word Count: 689 Rating: G Summary: The Legend of St. Boniface in rhyme. Nature groaned like Paul foretold, Winter was everlasting. Dead men drunkenly stumbled in the dark, And in Hesse, troubled times weren’t passing. Or so it seemed in ancient Germany, With broken and splintered tribes, But in the coldest,... Continue Reading →

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