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Artwork Wanted

Attention all artists! Fellowship & Fairydust is now accepting artwork! We're looking for C.S. Lewis-based art for our upcoming issue, but we're also looking for fan art (for both well-established fandoms and others), and original pieces. The same rules that apply to written works also apply to artwork - we accept nothing that goes against... Continue Reading →


The Beast’s Castle-A Big Four Adventure

By Amanda Pizzolatto Word Count: Rating: PG Summary: The "Big Four", Hiccup Haddock, Princess Merida, Jack Frost, and Princess Rapunzel help the Beast defend his castle. Can they help bring about a happy ending for everyone? Rapunzel and Sophie tiptoed through the greenhouse. The trees were starting to bloom, and little sprouts were peeking from... Continue Reading →

Doesn’t Feel Like Christmas

By Linda M. Crate Word Count: 115 Rating: G Summary: A poem of a Christmas with no snow. it doesn't feel festive nor right that christmas is coming and there is no psalm of white snow lilting across the land promising a new hope and redemption for the end of one year and a chorus... Continue Reading →

Cap O’ Rushes-Part 2

By Phoenix, April 30, 2015 Word Count: 1031 Rating: G Summary: A classic tale in verse Part 2: Wandering Long she wandered through the land Til coming to a fen she wove A cape and hood of rushes And donning them she covered Her rich and costly clothes And coming to a great house She... Continue Reading →

The World Held in Your Hands

THE WORLD HELD IN YOUR HANDS By Lawrence Hall Word count: 93 Rating: G Summary: A poetic description of the Rosary. A little bead between your fingers slips And then another, and another yet Linked with a bit of cord, in corde✽ linked Like planets all in rhythm with their sun Each bead is our created world... Continue Reading →

Surprise Float

SURPRISE FLOAT By Amanda Word count: 1122 Rating: G Summary: Phil and Judy have a surprise for Bob and Betty's young son. (Featuring characters from the movie White Christmas) “When’s the parade going to start? It’s so cold!” I exclaim, shifting from one foot to the other. Mommy and Daddy had made me get up really... Continue Reading →

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