Universe Around Me: A Star Trek Story

“Now, more than ever, he had to choose his own path. Now, more than ever, his destiny was his own to steer as he would. There would be no more gentle guiding hand from behind him, or soft words of logic cloaked in a mother’s emotion.”

Daytime Of This World


By Shannon Lise

Word Count: 359

Rating: G

Summary: A poem of hope

Previously published on: September 29, 2015

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

The sun went out

Like I knew it would

(They say it went down, but I know better

It is out – forever and for good.)

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Kite Wings


By Laurie Howard

Word Count: 843

Rating: G

Summary: Three cousins enjoy their new kites in the summertime.

Image Credit: prismkites.com/product/pica/

In the early spring when the winds came up fast and the winter air had receded, and the sun shone as big white puffy clouds fought for position in the ever-changing sky, it was perfect kite-flying weather. Children ran to the store to pick out and assemble their new kites. Not many lasted through one season. Most of the kites crashed and broke in pieces by time the heat of summer approached.

The best place to fly kites was down at the schoolyard. It was free of trees, and no wires passed through the field to snag a wayward kite. Read more about Kite Wings

Death Imitates Art: Looking Darkness and Humanity in the Eye Through Fiction

“Such dark waters are not for the feint of heart and there is no shame in not wanting to wade into such emotionally trying literary territory. Yet, for those willing to take that journey with these characters, I hope the emotional payoff is ultimately rewarding.”

The Night

By Elizabeth Troup

Word Count: 8694

Rating: PG-13 for destructive behavior and family violence

Summary: A teenage girl befriends the lonely spirit of the Night.

night moon
Image Credit: pixabay.com

I am in love with the Night.  “Well, aren’t we all!” you might say.  No, you don’t understand.  I am in love with the Night.  He is a person, you see.  He is the one who creates the night.  He pulls the sun down from the sky and puts it to rest.  He lifts the moon with its faint glow and flings the shining stars into the dark violet blanket of the sky.  He is the one who awakens the nocturnal creatures from their daily slumber….and he is the one who noticed me. Read more about The Night