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We Now Have a Shop!
Sort of. We have created an official online store for F&F, which we have dubbed “Fellowdust“. You can check it out by clicking “Shop” on the top menu. Unfortunately, we have no money to create merchandise at the moment. However, if each person who read this gave one dollar through our Patreon account, we would have our shop up and running in no time!

Period Drama is Coming!
Our September-October issue will have a Period Drama theme! We’re looking for just about everything regarding the 16th through 19th centuries! Learn more here.


Meet Our New Mascot!
Clive is a Tyrannosaurus Dragon created during a crazy brainstorming session between our editors. Check out his picture and learn more about him here!


I&F Issues

Our July-August issue of Ink & Fairydust is here! Commemorating the 20th anniversary of the advent of Harry Potter, this issue is full of fanfiction, nonfiction, new ideas, old ideas revamped, and even a sneak peak behind the scenes of F&F in a comic! Check it out here!





Testament: Chapter 12
“Tell T’Lar: we are a Federation planet! Her treatment of Yanash is in violation of sentient rights and an affront to moral decency! Tell her that I shall protest to the Vulcan High Council! I shall protest to Federation President Ra-ghoratrei! Tell her…” The cudgel end of a lirpa jabbed his stomach and he doubled over in pain.

“Remove him,” the priest said. Read more.


The Elf and the Orc: Chapter 12
“I wanted to see you, too.” Morfang interrupted. Lindariel blinked. “Especially since it looks like my days are numbered. I at least wanted to tell you that I love you, just once.” He removed his hot forehead from Lindariel’s.
“I don’t want you to die,” she whispered. “It’s not fair. It’s not fair that I should live and you should die when I love you so much. I’d rather die with you.”
“No,” Morfang said, reaching through the bars and stroking her cheek. “I want you to live happy, if possible. Live long and well.” Read more.


The Unknown
““Why do you say such things about King Edmund?” she would ask them. “He has obviously been forgiven by Aslan, his family, and most of the Narnians, else he would not be on the throne. And if that does not convince you of his change, what about how he confronted Jadis? He broke her wand so she would not harm High King Peter, and for it, King Edmund was mortally wounded by Jadis – only Queen Lucy’s cordial saved him. How dare you talk about him so!”” Read more. 

harry-snapeLegend of the Lost: Chapter 10
“Have you been nauseous, light-headed, even more stupid than usual, or sensitive to light, sound and the shrill female voices emanating from your hero-worshipping herd of admirers?”
“Herd?” Harry chortled. “You make them sound like water buffalo!”
“If the shoe fits…”
“Hey, some of them are pretty hot.”
“Then tell them to take off their outer capes and get some fresh air lest they faint and cause more disturbance to an already disturbed magical society.” Read more.





Everyone Sings in the Lord of the Rings
“Music connects with people on a very deep level, and it’s so satisfying to play an instrument or sing. But nowadays, most people don’t play or sing at all, or if they did it was only as a child, or when alone in the shower.” Read more. 

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Tolkien Speaks the Secret to a Happy Marriage
““I never called Edith Luthien – but she was the source of the story that in time became the chief part of the Silmarillion. It was first conceived in a small woodland glade filled with hemlocks at Roos in Yorkshire (where I was for a brief time in command of an outpost of the Humber Garrison in 1917, and she was able to live with me for a while)….” Read more.



Why Do We Always Like the Bad Guys?
“Before we go “Oh, he’s the bad guy. I don’t like him,” we need to understand where he’s coming from – what his past was like.” Read more. 


 Poetry & Vignette


Unheard Voices
“Since the voices aren’t heard
We must not ignore
Thousands agree
They deserve more.” Read more.


Red Riding Hood and Wolf The Beast and My Demise
“Sometimes you’d drop my hand and rush away,
leaving me all alone in the swirling smoke.
Did you forget you were my only guide?
I called your name but the wind was my sole reply.” Read more.




The Modern Knight
“When he carries the precious Cross above,
Victory will be with him, and all men love.
This man is what all true men should be,
Protecting the fairytale and guarding the nursery.” Read More.

Original Fiction

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The Window of St. Mary’s.
““There’s a bit of a miracle behind that window, you know,” he said, looking at Harris with big, serious yet kind eyes. 

     “Really?” Harris said politely. He didn’t know that he believed in miracles exactly, but he wasn’t about to start an argument with this almost ethereal seeming old man inside of this simple church.” Read more.

Anna_Lee_-_GlorfindelInterview with An Elf Lord
Emerald interviews Glorfindel about the Undying Lands, his role in the War of the One Ring, and Peter Jackson’s retelling of the story. Read here.



 A Movie Fan’s Dream
“There, standing on my doorstep, was Gandalf, with his hat, staff, and everything! My shock must have shown because he smiled and said, “I know you were not expecting me, my friend. But many unexpected things happen in this dark time.” ” Read more.




Spocks Baby The Road to Zhora
Spock’s daughter has her baby in a setting not unlike the Nativity.
Read here.

three-kings Caspar, Melchior, and Balthazar
” “Are we there yet?”
“Balthazar, you know the star hasn’t stopped moving yet,” grumbled an older man.
“I know, I was asking the star that,” quipped Balthazar.” Read more.

Spock's ChristmasChristmas as Hosted by Spock
Invited by Captain Kirk to celebrate Christmas, Spock takes it on himself to make it a meaningful and memorable holiday. Read here.



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