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Welcome to our new endeavor! While we are still under construction, we encourage you to poke around, see what we’re doing and read anything that catches your eye! Comments are encouraged – we want to know what you think!


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ArchiVulcan1Testament: Chapter 4
When a Christ-like Savior comes to the planet Vulcan, Spock and his uncle Sparn must decide how to react, and how these unfolding events might affect Spock’s complex and often troubled family life. Read here.

640The Elf and the Orc: Chapter 4
While escaping Orc Hunters, Morfang son of Gorbag finds himself in Mirkwood forest and meets the sister of Legolas Thranduilion, Lindariel. Will Lindariel’s compassion reach Morfang, or will Morfang abuse Lindariel’s kindness to avenge his fallen comrades? Read here.

harry-snapeLegend of the Lost: Chapter 2
Following the attack by Nagini, Severus Snape is partially paralyzed and going blind from the venom. Harry Potter decides to probe him for answers and begrudgingly becomes his sole care-taker in a secret shack on the Hogwarts grounds. Can old wounds be healed before the end, or will generational hatreds linger on beyond the grave? Read here.



The Real McCoy: Patrick O’Brian’s Aubrey-Maturin Novels
Beaumains discusses Patrick O’Brian’s historical fiction adventure novels. Rating: PG. Read here.




TitanicOcean of Memories: An Overview of the Titanic on Film
A summary and review of the most significant film adaptations of the Titanic story over the last 100 years. Rating: PG Read here.


manwe_sulimo_by_gustavomalek Guardian Angels of the Quest: Frodo, Sam and the Valar
An exposition of how the Valar protected Frodo and Sam on their quest to destroy the One Ring. Read here.


Poetry & Vignette

phantomThe Philosopher of the Opera
Christine staggered to her knees and snatched at a step rail studded into the tile, kicking off her slippers to grab traction on the outer surface of the dome.  A gale from the south whipped at her white gown, tugging her hair free of its yellow net.“Well done,” Christine’s kidnapper said.  “You’re hanging on the edge of the world.” Read more.

hyacinthThe Story of Hyacinth
For as long Rose could remember, her father always had her watering the hyacinths that stood in the kitchen window. And for as long as she could remember, those hyacinths never withered in the winter nor died of old age. Read more.

lady-galadriel-cate-blanchett-in-the-hobbit-2012-2014-new-line-cinemaEmpress of Eternity
A poem about Galadriel, with Marian references. Read here.


Original Fiction

greenhouseThe Sneak-Thief of Mayer’s Greenhouse
As random things begin to disappear, a worker at a greenhouse must hunt down the thief. Read here.


c3b777abc5f8fa60eb75da98e9bdf570Fairy Adventures in the Glade
Discover the real reason fairy tale characters fall in love. Read here.



ariadne_theseus_palagiThe Golden Destiny
A man is sent on a mission to save a princess’ life by the goddess of love. Read here.



Spock's ChristmasChristmas as Hosted by Spock
Invited by Captain Kirk to celebrate Christmas, Spock takes it on himself to make it a meaningful and memorable holiday. Rating: PG. Read here.


Star Trek Christmas.jpg
A Christmas Visit
A Star Trek twist on a ‘’Twas the Night Before Christmas.’
Read here.


A Journey of Virtues
A reflection of Lord of the Rings as seen through Advent and the Christian virtues. Read here.



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