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Period Drama is Coming!

Our September-October issue will have a Period Drama theme! We’re looking for just about everything regarding the 16th through 19th centuries! Learn more here.



Testament: Chapter 8

““Spock—look—it is him!”

Yanash stopped before them and raised a hand, as if to restrain the wind.

“Quiet!” he commanded.

And immediately the storm ceased.” Read Here.


The Elf and the Orc: Chapter 8

“It’s something that the Mother wanted me to ask you before she met with you in person—and she will, don’t think she won’t.”

“Why won’t she ask me herself?”

“Because if your answer is ‘no’ to what I ask, she won’t want to see you at all, and will have you sent back to your home.”

“What does she want to know?” Read More.

one bazaar day One Bazaar Day
Written for Spock-Quinto in the new Star Trek timeline, Spock and Nyota get themselves into trouble during a stop at a bazaar. Read more.





wagon train to the stars

A Story of Friendship: Star Trek and the Wagon Train to the Stars.

“When it came down to the quick of it all, though, it was the interaction of the personalities—the characters of Kirk, Mr. Spock, Dr. McCoy, and “Scotty,” especially—on the show that meant so much to us.” Read Here.

magic in book Life and Death
The author shares her story of why she doesn’t use magic in her stories. Read here.


image1 The Catholic and the Convert
A brief exploration and comparison of the spiritual influences behind J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-Earth and C.S. Lewis’ Narnia. Read here.


identity Identity: What We Do Changes Who We Are
Peter Kreeft discusses human nature, its inherent goodness, and the consequences of ignoring it, using characters from the works of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. Read here.



 Poetry & Vignette

image1 (4)

Fighting the Long Defeat

Why do our stories

March on to lead men?

I suppose we all knew

Someday they would need them. Read More. 

eowyn Eowyn
“The daughter of all noble kings,
Within my soul, a war cry sings;
Within my veins, Death’s fire flows . . .
I hide it, silent as the snows.”
Read more.

image1 The Nine Muses
A brief rhythmic review of the Nine Muses of Greek Mythology. Read here.





Original Fiction

 A Movie Fan’s Dream
“There, standing on my doorstep, was Gandalf, with his hat, staff, and everything! My shock must have shown because he smiled and said, “I know you were not expecting me, my friend. But many unexpected things happen in this dark time.” ” Read more.


Discurso_funebre_pericles I Am Doritos
I, Doritos of Sparti, son of Fritos, have read the recording of the famous funeral speech by Pericles, and have seen his claims of greatness for Athens. I write now in order to reveal the falsehoods that riddle your claims, Pericles!” Read more.


Rose and Hyacinth
“Once upon a time, in a faraway land, lived a king and queen who ruled over their kingdom Florin with wisdom and kindness. Their only problem was that they could not have children.” Read more.


Spocks Baby The Road to Zhora
Spock’s daughter has her baby in a setting not unlike the Nativity.
Read here.

three-kings Caspar, Melchior, and Balthazar
” “Are we there yet?”
“Balthazar, you know the star hasn’t stopped moving yet,” grumbled an older man.
“I know, I was asking the star that,” quipped Balthazar.” Read more.

Spock's ChristmasChristmas as Hosted by Spock
Invited by Captain Kirk to celebrate Christmas, Spock takes it on himself to make it a meaningful and memorable holiday. Read here.



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