Waking Up

By Vanessa Parry

Word Count: 1332

Rated: PG

Summary:  When Eomer becomes the new King of Rohan, Frodo wakes up after a late night of celebration.

Image Credit: https://pixabay.com/photos/hobbiton-ale-hobbit-nz-barrel-2613795/

Frodo sat up abruptly. Next to him Sam shifted uneasily but did not wake and beyond him Merry and Pippin lay in a tangled heap. Squinting his eyes against the candlelight . . . which in his opinion was far too bright . . . Frodo watched his cousins, as Merry began to snore.  Merry only snored when he had taken too much drink. That thought gave Frodo some comfort against the army of dwarves delving for mithril in his skull. At least Merry would feel like this when he awoke too.

 Merry snorted and rolled over onto his side as Pip dug him firmly in the ribs.  Neither cousin opened their eyes or spoke throughout, and Merry’s snores stopped.  Frodo remembered them playing out similar scenes after parties in the Shire. How long ago that seemed.  Would he ever regain that comfortable life? Read more about Waking Up


By Vanessa Parry (alias: Elwen)

Word Count: 670

Rated: G

Summary: Frodo meets Tithen, Elrond’s cat, for the first time.

image credit: Wikimedia Commons

Frodo could not remember ever feeling so at peace and he gently scratched the neck of the warm furry mound on the floor at his side.

After the Council everyone craved his attention but he escaped swiftly to the sanctuary of his room. Carrying the One Ring from the Shire to Rivendell was one thing, but to take it all the way to Mordor and right into the Enemy’s lair was quiet another. Even now he did not understand what had made him speak up and the memory made his head spin and his stomach churn alarmingly. Read more about Tithen