Elitch Gardens

By Amanda Pizzolatto (alias Aurora Mandeville)

Word Count: 2450

Rating: G (suitable for all audiences)

Summary: Two boys explore a theme park for the first time with some new friends.

Rollar coaster

“Yes, we’re in, finally! Hey David,  you wanna head over to the water park or the rest of the park first? Uh, David? David? Yoohoo!” David blinked as a hand was waved in front of his face, causing him to pause and grin sheepishly at his blond friend.

“Sorry, Matt, it’s my first time here. I just want to take it all in.”

“So do I, it’s my first time too! But we only have a few hours, not exactly enough time to walk through slowly like we’re at a museum or something.”

David glanced down, “Sorry.”

Matt sighed, “Stop saying sorry and just tell me if you want to see the water park, or the rest of the park first.” Read more about Elitch Gardens

The Last Stand: A Crossover Story

“Everybody! If you can hear me, rendezvous at the town center, where the ship is! We need to hold them off for as long as we can until all of the civilians are evacuated!”

Tolkien, Lewis, and the Saints: How the Inklings Found Inspiration for Character Names

“We all know about Tolkien’s firm faith and Lewis’ incredible conversion, and we certainly all know about their fantastic stories, and Lewis’ commentary of the truth. But have you ever wondered where they got the names for some of their characters, or how close they were, if they didn’t know, to their own faith? “

Rosary Mysteries

By Amanda Pizzolatto (AKA Aurora Mandeville) Originally Published November 17, 2015 Word Count: 357 Rating: G Summary: A mediation of the rosary and Our Blessed Lady Joyful Virgin dressed in brown Riding into that little town Your husband looks for a place to stay Your Baby is coming any day His coming will bring great […]

Death and the Lion: A Crossover Serial- Chapter 24: Getting Back

By Amanda Pizzolatto (alias Aurora Mandeville) Word Count: 31845 Rating: PG for scary situations Summary: Nico Di Angelo, son of Hades, is used to being alone, until one day a girl with auburn hair waltzes into his life… Something soft brushed Nico cheek, pulling him out of one of the most comfortable and, later he […]