The Screwtape Emails: A Screwtape Letters Story

By Tom Holste Word Count: 894 Rating: G (suitable for all audiences) Summary: Screwtape gives advice on the subject of internet gossip.   Jan. 20, 2018 My dear Wormwood, I agree, many things about the current situation have worked tremendously to our benefit, and in some cases have exceeded our expectations. I would urge you, […]

Between Heaven and Earth: C.S. Lewis and the Intangible Mystery of Roman Catholicism

C.S. Lewis instinctively grasped the concept of the preternatural, the place between heaven and Earth where souls are won and lost. He quintessentially understood that there was a battle in the nether world.

Once and Always: A Narnia Fanfiction

By Danicka Cooper Word Count: 1520 Rating: G Summary: Susan is grieving for her family, but Aslan arrives to comfort her. “Grief is like a long valley, a winding valley, where any bend may reveal a totally new landscape.” -C. S. Lewis, A Grief Observed   ~~~   Anguished, choking cries had long ago given way […]

All Things Will Be Made Right: Sin as a State of Being in the Writings of C.S. Lewis

As I grew older and the process of His sanctification grew with me, I realized that sin has both an active and passive voice; that to omit obedience is equal in “sinfulness” to blatant disobedience. Consequently, my understanding, appreciation, and adoration for what Christ did at the Cross magnified.

The Wood Between the Worlds: A Chronicles of Narnia Story

Two small boys splashed out of the pool, and scrambled onto the bank. But as they looked around them, a certain peace, or serenity, seeped into them, and they relaxed. Their fists unclenched. Rings clattered to the ground. The boys looked at the trees, then at each other.

            “Is this it, my Lord Caspiar?” the smaller one asked. “Is this the edge of the world?”

            “Or is it the beginning?” wondered the older. “And who’s Lord Caspiar? My name is James.”

Susan’s Path: A Chronicles of Narnia Poem

By Avellina Balestri (alias Rosaria Marie) Word Count: 519 Rating: G (suitable for all audiences) Summary: Susan longs to return to Narnia but fears to do so. The snow was soft as fur Angel-winged and white A hand-brush with forever Dazzling and bright That wardrobe held our wish That gushed forth liked a stream And […]

Jack: An Adventure with C.S. Lewis

By Alexandra Jezierski Word count: 3181 Rating: G (suitable for all audiences) Summary: A student finds herself transported to Narnia “We are sorry to announce that the 9:08 am train to Oxford is delayed by twenty-one minutes.” Gabriella heard the announcement with a groan. She shoved her backpack off her back and planted herself down […]

Sine Caritas Non Est: An Essay on Divine and Human Love

By Lucy Rutherford Word Count: 2268 Rating: PG (mild sexual content) Summary: A discussion of the difference between Charity (God’s Love) and Eros (Romantic Love). They were both college students, both Technology majors, both fond of line dancing and Virginia Reels. They had a common interest in applied technology and they found a common solace in […]

The Devil Inside: A Reflection on The Screwtape Letters

By Hannah Vincent Word Count: 730 Rating: PG for heavy subject matter included in “The Screwtape Letters” Summary: An essay about C.S. Lewis’s classic “The Screwtape Letters”. There is such a thing as evil. Unfortunately, too many times we want to ignore it or hope it is not a common occurrence. Despite the fact that […]