Venite Paremus: The Importance of Advent

By Beregond (aka Christopher Woods), November 14, 2017 Word count: 1268 Rating: G Summary: An essay on the importance of Advent, from both Eastern and Western perspectives Bilbo Baggins, that renowned hobbit of old, once said that he felt stretched, like too little butter spread across too much bread. No one would ever enjoy such... Continue Reading →


Sharpe: The Rise of a Natural Born Leader

By Graeme Restorick (alias Matthew Hill-spur) Word Count: 1334 Rating: G Summary: A Review of the TV series Sharpe  The Sharpe Series, based on Bernard Cornwell's books, was a popular period drama series set during the Napoleonic Wars that was originally screened on ITV in the UK between 1993 and 1997 (with one-off episodes based in... Continue Reading →

The Martial Arts of Marvel

By Ian Wilson Word Count: 1028 Rating: G Summary: Martial Artist Ian Wilson dissects the use of martial arts in Marvel's Netflix series. So I just earned black belt in Shorin Ryu Karate. I am by no means a martial arts expert. A black belt simply means that I have mastered the basics to the... Continue Reading →

An Essay on Evil

The devil tempts us and seeks to lead us astray. Hell is not necessarily the fire and brimstone suffering of the Bible, but rather a complete isolation from and lack of relationship with the Divine

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