The Magic of Numenor: The Connection between Tolkien’s Middle-Earth and Lewis’s Space Trilogy

By Ian T. Wilson Word Count: 740 Rating: G (suitable for all audiences) Summary: How Middle-Earth touches Lewis’s Space Trilogy. Most of you probably know about the lengthy friendship of J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. You may know that they were in a writer’s group known as the Inklings. You may even know that Tolkien […]

Théoden’s Prayer: A Lord of the Rings Poem

By Avellina Balestri (alias Rosaria Marie) Word Count: 447 Rating: PG for depictions of battle Summary: Theoden King of Rohan lifts up a prayer before the Battle of Pellennor Fields.     Still was the night before the fight Loud were the horns of warning Deep were our sighs and dark the eyes That met ours […]

On Beauty and Love: The Qualities Central to the Christian Experience

By Christopher King Word Count: Rating: G (suitable for all audiences) Summary: An essay on searching about beauty, love, and how they come together to form the essentials of Christian life and philosophy. I had a wonderful childhood with parents who loved me.  Sometime when I was a young teenager, I became aware of beauty: […]

Vale of Tears: A Song of the Elves

By Mary Faustina Word Count: 209 Rating: G (suitable for all audiences) Summary: An Elf song about journeying through the darkness. You graced my brows with gleaming light And sent me forth into the night A lantern swinging in my hand I faced a sea of windswept land A glitter, glimmer Moth of white Unto […]

Furious Fancies: The Musings of a Traditional Catholic Poet

By Charles A. Coulombe Word Count: 1,639 Rating: G (suitable for all audiences) Summary: Despite the seeming chaos of this world, there is an order above, beyond, and throughout it. This order is today under attack.  Poetry is a young man’s game. That is not to say that older people (and women) can’t write fine […]

Bilbo’s Gold

By Avellina Balestri Word Count: 255 Rating: PG for thematic elements involving possession Summary: Bilbo compares living gold to dead gold Gold As the sun’s light, streaming through the Shire woods, Seeping into farmers’ soil, rich and ready For the bringing forth of… Gold As the corn’s lips, kissing the crisp harvest morn, Bursting from […]

Creation and Sub-Creation: A Tolkienian Essay

By Martina Juričková Word Count: 1550 Rating: G (suitable for all audiences) Summary: Martina summarizes Tolkien’s philosophy of Sub-Creation and it’s potential to bring God glory.   Christian religion played a very important role in Tolkien’s life. The basis of his faith was founded in his early childhood by his mother Mabel who, grieved by the […]

The Adventure: A Tale of Two Small Hobbits

Gracie sighed. “And I always wanted to know what the pictures and letters on my
necklace mean, you know, the necklace that he gave me after he told that exciting story about the three trolls. Oh, how I loved that story! That was the only time I met Uncle Bilbo, you know, at his wonderful birthday party so long ago. What were those Troll names again? Tom, Bert, and Bill something, I think.”

The Marriage of the White Lady: A Lord of the Rings Story

By Avellina Balestri (alias Rosaria Marie) Word Count: 4,780 Rating: PG for reflections on war and thematic elements Summary: In the aftermath of the War of the Ring, Eowyn prepares to marry Faramir and struggles to come to terms with her own tumultuous emotions so she can finally let go of the old and embrace […]